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Keyboard interface software which can convert scanner input into keyboard data


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Data conversion to translate RS-232C input into keyboard data

QRkbif can convert the data received from RS-232C port and pass it to an application program in such a manner that the application thinks the data is actually entered from the keyboard. Data transmission is supported in either Text or Keyboard mode. The terminal emulation software is also supported.

Data transmission to a target window

Data is generally transmitted to an active window (the foremost window). However, given user's specification, QRkbif can send to the target window even if it is currently inactive or minimized, resulting in fewer input errors and missing data.

Multiple QR_kbif operations in N-to-one and N-to-N connections

Not only a single scanner (one-to-one connection), the application can also support several scanners (N-to-one). In addition, if multiple QR_kbif are concurrently operated and target window is specified, more complex topologies such as N-to-N, N-to-M (M>N) can be established.

Advanced data editing

Thanks to ADF script support, QRkbif can manage any string operations including conditional judgment, scanner control, and external program execution.

Simple editing menu

Add the data edit function to enable any strings to add/delete before or after the data.


QRkbif can display the incoming RS-232C data in both ASDII/JIS code and hexadecimal numeric simultaneously, providing thorough information of transmitted data including those characters otherwise explicitly unidentified.