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After-Sales Service

Maintenance during Warranty Period

Any of DENSO WAVE’s products is warranted except for accessories, consumables and special models. In case of product failure, the product will be repaired free of charge only if it is used normally during its warranty period.

Warranty Period: One Year (counted from the day of product delivery)

Repair period(2)

Within 10 business days

Procedure for requesting repair

Take a product with its warranty to the dealer from which it is purchased, and ask for repair. (If no dealer can be identified, contact DENSO WAVE.)

Repair procedure

A product requiring repair will be sent back to DENSO WAVE. Shipping charges are to be borne as follows:
To DENSO WAVE:Customer
*It is different depending on the area.

Other notes:

A repaired product is shipped after restoring its original conditions such as memory content and user configurations. However, customers are urged to back up important data and the like before sending their purchases to DENSO WAVE.


1.This may vary depending on the delivery condition for particular customers. For details, inquire at the dealer from which the product is purchased.
2.As for repair period, it may differ slightly depending on the dealer contracted for repair. If the shipping of a repaired product is to be delayed for procuring a special part, for instance, the customer will be notified beforehand.

Extension of the Warranty Period

Warranty extension registration

Information about warranty extension service and registration procedure.
Warranty extension registration

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