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BHT-BASIC4.0 Specification Checker

Supplementary tool to check if a program in BHT-BASIC 3.6 format can be translated into a BHT-BASIC 4.0 format

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All program's correction points are indicated at a time

Though the BHT-BASIC4.0 has upward compatibility with the BHT-BASIC3.6, the specifications between these two may vary depending on the enhancements in some cases.A solution for this is the Specification Checker, which is designed to identify the points that should be processed with care or need correction when replacing a program written by the BHT-BASIC3.6 (PD3 format) with that by the BHT-BASIC4.0.(1)

Existing assets can be used effectively

With this tool, you can effectively replace the BHT applications developed in the existing BHT-BASIC3.6 environment with the BHT-BASIC4.0 environment. You can also create a program that equally runs on both the BHT-BASIC3.6 and BHT-BASIC4.0 environments by configuring the Specification Checker not to issue a warning message.(2)

  1. 1.This Specification Checker is not a tool for converting a BHT-BASIC3.6 program to a BHT-BASIC4.0 program automatically
  2. 2.Note that the diagnostic operations supported by this tool apply only to the user applications that can be built by the BHT-BASIC3.6 compiler.

Operation Environment

Model supported PC/AT Compatible
OS Windows® Vista(32bit), Windows® 7(32bit/64bit[WOW64]), Windows® 8(32bit/64bit[WOW64]), Windows® 8.1(32bit/64bit[WOW64]), Windows® 10(32bit/64bit(WOW64))(1)(2)
CPU CPU with Intel®(3)
Memory Memory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD 1500 KB of free space or more
  1. 1.Windows®are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
  2. 2.This application is executed as Win32 application on Windows® 7 (64 bits) using WOW64 (Windows® 32-bit emulation on Windows® 64-bit).
  3. 3.Intel® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S.
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  • Operation Environment

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