New Lineup of DENSO WAVE BHT Series Handy Terminal Models for Business Use for the Promotion of DX in a Wide Range of Industries

Model with Large Screen and Physical Keys Added to Lineup to Meet Diversified Workforce and Wide Range of Work
 DENSO WAVE will release the BHT-M70. This new handy terminal for business use has been designed to meet the needs of a diversified workforce and contribute to operational efficiency, and is capable of recognizing characters, as well as a wide range of codes such as QR Code.

The BHT-M70 is the latest addition to the 4 model BHT New Series lineup (Note 1) launched in January 2021, and was developed based on the concept of “working together to create a new workstyle”. It features a large screen and physical keys to enhance operational efficiency by scanning a wide range of different codes, and boasts outstanding scanning performance. And by equipping the terminal with a diverse mix of Android-based software utilizing 4G and Wi-Fi communication, the BHT-M70 is able to meet a wide range of needs, such as improving communication among workers in the workplace. By adding a new model to the lineup that can be easily handled by any user diversified, and that is compatible with all types of work, BHT NEW Series has been further enhanced to allow users to select the best model to match the type of business and the work involved.

■ BHT-M70 development background
Japan’s aging workforce continues to present challenges, particularly in the logistics industry. The proportion of elderly workers is particularly high in the truck transportation industry compared to all other industries. Companies in the logistics and retail industries have been working to provide a flexible working environment because of the diversification of the workforce, including both young and elderly workers, and the shortage of workers that has resulted from a declining birthrate and aging population. To solve these problems, DENSO WAVE has developed a handy terminal equipped with both a large screen and physical keys. Physical keys allow older workers unfamiliar with using smartphones, and experienced workers accustomed to operating devices with physical keys to continue to work efficiently without impairing their skills. The large screen has been designed to improve communication in the workplace to realize DX for education, such as the sharing of work manuals, and solving issues involving a lack of education at work sites and stores with minimal workforce where there is no time for education.

■Features of BHT-M70
(1) New series model with large screen and physical keys combining “easy-to-view characters and images” and “easy operation”!
- The large 4-inch screen makes it easy for workers to view maps and manuals.
- The terminal can be held easily with one hand and operated with a single thumb, contributing to work efficiency.
(2) Equipped with tools for accelerating communication using 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS to realize a new workstyle!
- Promotes the DX of employee education and guidance through communication apps such as chat and phone calls.
- Improves communication between employees by using positional measurement (GPS) to manage the location of goods and the movements of workers.
(3) Scanning possible through plastic or at distances of 1 m, recognizes characters (OCR) such as expiry dates!
- The new decoding engine and high-density sensor make it easy to scan through plastic, scan dirty codes, and scan codes at a distance with ease, contributing to reduced worker burden.
- Character recognition (OCR) automates the manual entry of expiry dates and slip numbers, reducing heavy visual work and ensuring accurate checking.

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 ■ BHT-M70 product information (Equipped with Android™ 10)
Product appearance        
Product size (H)182mm×(W)72mm×(D)39mm
Product weight Approx.330g(including Battery)

■BHT-M70  WEB site
■(Note 1) About BHT NEW Series
The BHT New Series is a series of handy terminals for business use that was launched in January 2021, and features outstanding scanning performance and extensive support with operation and installation. In the current environment of worsening labor shortages, the series was developed based on the concept of “working together to create a new workstyle”, and aims to create a lively workstyle for both workers and managers alike, without being bound by conventional wisdom.

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