Features of DENSO 2D code scanners

Features of DENSO 2D code scanners

DENSO WAVE has successfully commercialized scanners and mobile terminals that have excellent performance at reading QR Code by utilizing the recognition and image processing technologies cultivated in the development of various recognition algorithms, such as those for barcode, OCR and vocal recognition, and expertise possessed only by the developer of QR Code to develop optimal recognition algorithms. In this section, the features of DENSO WAVE 2D code scanners are introduced.

Area guide mark : greatly improving ease of use

The mechanism is a hybrid system to illuminate by LED, and to indicate the reading area by the laser light. Therefore, the center of view and reading area can be clearly recognized, and the two dimension code or barcode can be read easily. *DENSO WAVE has a patent right of JP3562395 regarding area marker. Please click here for the license.

Superior scanning performance

Unique image-processing technology enables scanning of obscured, faint, or damaged barcodes

Wide range of scanning features

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