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NRF® 2019 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW on January 13th – 15th, 2019 (in USA)

DENSO ADC (USA) to participate in  “ NRF® 2019 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW” (January 13th – 15th, 2019).

DENSO ADC to represent state-of-art technology of secured QR code payment and crafted solution as the QR code inventor.

Our newly lanched “SP1”, UHF band high-power RFID hand-held scanner will be on the show.




QR code® Technology

Smart Payment using QR code can eliminate Waiting lines at cashers

Payment with QR code enables quick transactions
and eliminates waiting lines, resulting to enhanced customer satisfactions.

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QR code Facial Authentication Solution Proof identity for restricted items

QR code with encrypted Facial Feature Data enables simple and secure verification of Identification of individuals.

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Anti-copy QR codes make self-service merchandise pickup more secure and safer

Only the authorized consumer who holds the voucher with DENSO’s unique Anti-copy QR code can open the locker for the ordered item.
This enables a secure transfer of merchandise to the rightful owner, preventing an unauthorized pickup.

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RFID Technology

UHF band high-power RFID hand-held scanner "SP1"

SP1 is our newly lanched UHF band high-power RFID hand-held scanner.
Scanning speed is 700 tags/second.
Scanning distance is Approx. 8m.
SP1 realizes world-class inventory-taking.

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High-power SP1 handheld Scanner plus Light-emitting RFID Tags enable easy & quick merchandise locating

The combination of the High-power Scanner and the Light-emitting RFID Tags allows users to find items more efficiently.
It increases sales and customer satisfaction by eliminating waiting lines in stores and enhancing efficiency in warehouse operations.

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