A fixed type scanner of UHF RF tags ideal for factory automation and logistics (250 mW / middle-distance type)

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Reads RF reliably to enable visualization of on-site status

The scanner’s reading capability meets the highest industry standard, and its robustness
enables continuous operation even in harsh environments.
These characteristics enable visualization of the on-site status, helping the customer to implement traceability.

Reading ranges configured to match applications

The UR50 implements ultra-close reading of 5 mm – 50 cm*2 and the UR40, another product in our lineup,
implements long-distance reading of 8 m*1. The reading range can be selected for each application.
Combined with the polarization switching feature implemented using our original antenna technology,
the optimal environment for customer operation can be assembled.
*1:Linear polarization *2:When using an external antenna.

High-speed reading for accurate and quick execution of tasks

UR50 reads tags reliably even on fast-moving conveyor belt assembly lines.※3
*3:There are setting limits depending on the country or the function. This is a reference value and may vary depending on the operating environment.

Antenna-integrated structure allows easy installation

The antenna-integrated structure enables easy installation in compact spaces.
In addition, up to 2 external antennas can be added to secure a stable communication zone.

Safe, robust, environmentally resistant settings for uninterrupted execution of tasks

The UR50 can be used even in factories or logistics warehouses due to its resistance to the environment.
Its overwhelming robustness enables continuous stable operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

・Safety standard: UL61010 acquired
・ Vibrations and impacts: IEC60068 compliant
・ Protection rating: IP65 supported
・Original heat dissipation design

Links flexibly with external devices

The UR50 can link with entry/exit detection sensors and beacons using its external I/O pins. In addition, it supports a variety of communication interfaces so that the optimal environment can be built for the required purpose.

Easier introduction
・Visually easy-to-understand configuration tool
・Control SDK provided to support development 
・Easy installation with the VESA standard compliant specification
*Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Item Specification
RF Tag
Communication Part
Output frequency
(for United States of America)
915.25 MHz to 927.5 MHz, (at 250kHz intervals)
(50 channels in total)
Compatible Standard

ISO/IEC 18000-63 (GS1 EPC Gen2) compliant

Transmission Output

250 mW or below

Gain (polarization)  Integrated/Extended Antenna

+3 dBi or below (linearly, circularly polarized wave) /
+2 dBi or below (circularly polarized)

Reading Distance*1  Integrated/Extended Antenna

3 m (linearly polarized), 2 m (circularly polarized) /
1 m (circularly polarized)

Number of Antennas Connectable

Maximum of 2 (URAN-50M1 supported)

External Input/Output Input 4 pins (trigger, reset, forced halt)
Interface RS-232C 115.2 Kbps maximum
USB   USB-COM interface
Standard USB1.1compliant(12Mbps)
Connector Micro-USB Type-B
Ethernet Standard IEEE802.3 100BASE-T compliant
TCP, UDP, EtherNet/IP
ORiN Supported
Input Power Supply (2) Operating Power Supply
24V DC + 10% -15%
Electric Current
600mA Max
Environmental Conditions Indoor or Outdoor Operation Indoor use
Protection Rating IP65(3)
Compatible Standard  Safety/
Vibrations and Impacts
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~50℃
Operating Humidity Range 10%-95% RH (no condensation or freezing)
External Dimensions (main body / external antenna)
Weight (main body / external antenna) (5)

Approx. 640 g / Approx. 75 g

  1. *Please refer to the instruction manual for details.

    1. This is a reference value and may vary depending on the operating environment.

    2. Class 2 power supply is recommended

    3. With all cables and caps connected

    4. Shipped state

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  • Specification

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