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Scanning Speed 700scans/second
Scanning Distance Approx. 8m

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Improved scanning performance. Reduce stocktaking time by 50%*. 

  • We developed technology(AutoLinkProfile) that can quickly and completely scan more tags than before. It can reduce stocktaking time by 50% compared to previous method. Improved operational efficiency is mostly noticed by customers that scan many items (over 1,000).

    *comparing the scanning time for 5,300 tags between the previous SP1 and the next-generation. The results are based on our own test and not guaranteed.

  • With the new scanning method(AutoLinkProfile), the most appropriate mode is set automatically based on the situation. Total scanning time is reduced by scanning high sensitive tags first and then scanning difficult tags after.


Comparing the scanning time between the previous SP1 and the next-generation.

Reducing the total scanning time by scanning quickly and completely.
The improved scanning performance can make stocktaking and inspection at shipping/receiving more efficient! 

*The results will be different depending on the environment.


DENSO WAVE is "The Gold Partner" of IMPINJ

Impinj is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions.
DENSO WAVE is authorized as "The Gold Partner" of IMPINJ for our high-value-added RFID solutions and world wide sales network.

World leading scanning performance(1)

Features our proprietary antenna that switches automatically between horizontal and vertical polarization. Achieves outstanding scanning speeds of 700 scans per second and scanning distance of up to approximately 8 m. Scans tags even when not all facing in the same direction. Dramatically improves working efficiency, enabling inventory jobs to be completed rapidly.
(According to Denso Wave data as of September 2018.)

Simple setup for easy transition between tasks

Easily connected by scanning QR code® on SP1 unit with the device connected. Devices can be quickly paired using Bluetooth®, for easy transition between tasks. Even if the pairing is disconnected during work, the scanner includes automatic re-connection function and backup memory. The scanned data temporarily saved will be transmitted when the scanner is re-connected.

RFID using any smart device

Supports both Android™ and iOS. All you need is a smartphone or tablet for RFID.

・Global support available in over 40 countries worldwide.

・High-quality product made in Japan.

  1. 1.Scanning speed is a reference value and varies depending on the actual operating environment.Scanning distance is a reference value and varies depending on the actual operating environment. Communication distance varies depending on the actual tags. Evaluations are based on the Avery Dennison AD-229r6.
  2. *Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Model SP1-QUBi
Scanning unit RFID Supported RF tag ISO/IEC18000-63 TypeC(EPCglobal Class1 Gen2)-compatible Tags
Frequency See the following table.
Scanning speed(1) 700scans/second
Scanning distance(1) Approx.8m
Output adjustment 10dBm to 30dBm
Scanner Type Area sensor
Readable codes 2D Codes QR code, Micro QR Code, SQRC, PDF417, Micro PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix(ECC200), GS1 DataBar Composite(EAN.UCC Composite)
1D Codes EAN-13/-8(JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E、UPC/EAN(With add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39、CODE93、CODE128, GS1-128(EAN-128), GS1 DataBar(RSS)
Minimum resolution 2D Codes 0.167mm
1D Codes 0.125mm
PCS value 0.3 or greafter
Elevation/tilt angle ±50°
Scan confirmation Blue/red 2-color LED, buzzer
Transmitter unit Bluetooth® Bluetooth Ver2.1+EDR Standard Class2
Profile SPP、SPP(iOS)
cradle USB
  Power supply Main battery Lithium-ion battery
Operating time(2) Standard battery Approx. 4 hours
High-capacity battery Approx. 8 hours
Internal memory 80,000 RFID tags
  Environmental performance Operating temperature(3) -20 °C to +40 °C
Protection class IP54
Drop-resistant strength(4) 30 drops from 1.2 m onto concrete (5 times on each of 6 faces), 1.5 m
  EMC Standard VCCI Class A
  Weight Approx. 400 g (with standard battery);approx. 450 g (with high-capacity battery)
  1. 1.Function settings may be subject to restrictions in some countries. Scanning speeds and read distances are reference values. Actual scanning speeds and read distances will depend on the environment. The maximum read range depends on the tag to be scanned. Evaluation condition = Avery Dennison AD-229r6.
  2. 2.These operating times are reference values measured under room temperature and other conditions set by our company. Actual operating times depend on working conditions. Conditions set by our company: Power Save Mode 2, RF Tag Continuous Read Mode 1, LOW buzzer level.
  3. 3.The temperature rises from 0 to 40°C during charging. When the product is used at ambient temperatures of -10°C or below, turn on the product and operate briefly at normal room temperature before taking the product to the worksite; do not turn off. Due to battery characteristics, operations may be subject to certain limitations, such as significantly decreased operating time, under low temperature conditions (0°C or lower). If ambient temperatures are very low, check for normal function before using the product.
  4. 4.This is a test value obtained under room temperature conditions. It is not a guaranteed value.
  1. Frequency of each country
Country Frequency(MHz)
Japan 916.8~920.8
America/Canada 902.75~927.25
Australia 920.25~925.75
Indonesia 923.25~924.75
Israel 915.50~916.30
China 920.625~924.375
Taiwan 922.25~927.75
Thailand/Singapore 920.25~924.75
Philippines 918.25~919.75
Malaysia 919.25~922.75
Vietnam 918.75~922.75
Europe 865.7~867.5
India 865.7~866.9



Communication unit

Type Model Communication unit Charging unit Power supply Dimensions
Charging time
Main unit charging Battery cartridge
Communication unit CU-SP1A USB2.1
Full Speed compatible
Standard battery: 3.5 hours
High-capacity battery: 7 hours
Standard battery: 4 hours
High-capacity battery: 8 hours
AC adaptor 158(D)×110(W)×85(H)
SP1 direct cable CBSP-US2000/4 USB2.1
Full Speed compatible
- - Supply from connected device 2m

Charging unit

Type Model Charging time Power supply Dimentions
4-unit main unit charger(1) CH-SP1L4 Standard battery: 3.5 hours
High-capacity battery: 7 hours
AC adapter 141(W)×464(D)×90(H)mm
4-unit battery charger CH-1804 Approx. 4 hours AC adaptor 135(W)×110(D)×65(H)mm
CH-SP104A(2) Approx. 8 hours
BHT-1800 charging cable CBBHTUS500/C18-4A Depends on the connected supply current. Supply from connected device 50cm
1.This option lacks the smart device charging function.
2.BT-SP1LA-C cannot be charged by CH-SP104A.


Type Model
Standard lithium-ion battery + battery cover BT-SP1LA-C
High-capacity lithium-ion battery + battery cover BT-SP1L-C


Type Model
For BHT-1800 EA-SP1-A1800
Universal attachment(Quad Lock® is available) EA-SP1-AS


名称 型式
Shoulder strap(4) SBSP1
4.The attachment cannot be mounted or dismounted when the shoulder strap is attached to the SP1.

Components of a Set

  • ・Main Unit
  • ・Hand Strap
  • ・Operation Guide

Development / kitting /operating tools

Model Features
Google AndroidTM Studio -
Microsoft® Visual Studio 2017 -
AndroidTMOS application development support kit(SDK) Can be downloaded free from Denso Wave website (Qbdirect).
iOS application development support kit(SDK)(1) Can be downloaded free from Denso Wave website (Qbdirect).
Windows10TMapplication development support kit(SDK) Can be downloaded free from Denso Wave website (Qbdirect).
  1. 1. Prepare the following development tools for iOS.

    ・Xcode 9.2 or later
    ・macOS X
    ・iOS 10.0 or later
This device transmit radio frequency energy and may affect the human body depending on the intended use or location.
In order to reduce this effect, this device must be operated in the hand with a minimum separation distance of 23cm or more from person’s body (when the output setting is 30 dBm).

Please check the guidelines of each country for details.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Option
  • Software
  • Technical notice for users

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