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Scanning Speed 700scans/second
Scanning Distance Approx. 8m
For World Class Inventory-taking

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World leading scanning performance(1)

Features our proprietary antenna that switches automatically between horizontal and vertical polarization. Achieves outstanding scanning speeds of 700 scans per second and scanning distance of up to approximately 8 m. Scans tags even when not all facing in the same direction. Dramatically improves working efficiency, enabling inventory jobs to be completed rapidly.
(According to Denso Wave data as of September 2018.)

Simple setup for easy transition between tasks

Easily connected by scanning QR code® on SP1 unit with the device connected. Devices can be quickly paired using Bluetooth®, for easy transition between tasks. Even if the pairing is disconnected during work, the scanner includes automatic re-connection function and backup memory. The scanned data temporarily saved will be transmitted when the scanner is re-connected.

RFID using any smart device

Supports both Android™ and iOS. All you need is a smartphone or tablet for RFID.

・Global support available in over 40 countries worldwide.

・High-quality product made in Japan.

  1. 1.Scanning speed is a reference value and varies depending on the actual operating environment.Scanning distance is a reference value and varies depending on the actual operating environment. Communication distance varies depending on the actual tags. Evaluations are based on the Avery Dennison AD-229r6.
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