Corporate Outline

Head Office 1 Yoshiike Kusagi Agui-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi 470-2297, Japan
Capital Stock 495 million yen
Capital Structure DENSO Corporation 75%
Toyota Tsusho Corporation 15%
Toppan TDK Label Co., Ltd. 10%
Business Activities Development, manufacture and sale of automatic data capture equipment, industrial robots, programmable controllers and other apparatus and systems
Sales 45.6 billion yen (Year ended March 31,2018)
Sales Ratio by Products Auto-ID Business 40%
Factory Automation Business 27%
Controller Business 33%
Associates 1,063 persons (as of March 31,2018)
Head office

External View of the Head Office Building

Board Members

Directors / Corporate Auditors
Chairperson of the Board Katsuhiko Sugito
President Hiroyasu Nakagawa
Executive Director Hitoshi Tsuzuku
Executive Director Koji Fujiyoshi
Executive Director Ryouji Nagashima
Executive Director Hideto Naito
Executive Director Yasuhiro Kakihara
Corporate Auditor Katsuyuki Kuki
Corporate Auditor Yasuhiko Yamazaki
Corporate Officers
Chief Executive Officer Katsuhiko Sugito
Chief Operating Officer Hiroyasu Nakagawa
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Tsuzuku
Managing Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer Koji Fujiyoshi
Managing Executive Officer Ryouji Nagashima
Managing Executive Officer Hideto Naito
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Tamaki
Executive Officer Katsuhiko Toji
Executive Officer Masahiro Kamiya
Executive Officer Junichiro Kanamori

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