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Catching the New Wave

In 1987, when the use of barcodes began to be promoted on a larger scale, DENSO developed the BHT-1 -the world´s first handheld terminal- to help customers increase their operational efficiency in a whole new way.

These days, information networking is dramatically changing the business environment. In response, DENSO WAVE has unveiled a new generation of handheld terminals equipped with high scalability provided by Android™, 4G LTE, GPS, cloud collaboration and other technologies used in the terminal to visualize the operational status for real-time information sharing.

We provide customers with a range of apps throughout the process and at the same time give them extended support through our SEs to give users a sense of well-being and confidence. DENSO WAVE’s technologies, quality and know-how built over 30 years will help users get their business catching the new wave.

Creation of new value in addition to Higher Operational Efficiency

The combination of Android™, 4G LTE, and Google Mobile Services integrated with a range of application software creates unlimited new value in addtion to increases in existing operations efficiency.

4G - Usable anywhere for operational management

Thanks to 4G technology, the head office can check in real time the progress of work carried out at any location, including the huge warehouse where access points could not be installed, via a terminal held by an on-site worker.

Map - Indication of an optimal route

Drivers can recive not only directions based on the delivery schedule, but also the optimal delivery route by the combined use of traffic information from the headquarters for higher work efficiency.

SNS - Information sharing among multiple stores

The use of social media and other apps speeds up the sharing of instructions and information compared with the use of email. You can also confirm whether the message has been read to avoid leaving anyone uninformed.

Cloud - Customer service backed by sales data

Not only asking the customers about their preferences face-to-face, but also by checking past purchase data on the cloud, sales staff can make proposals to customers in a more targeted and personalized manner.

GPS - Informing customers of exact arrival times

By using GPS, customers can confirm arrival times with a much greater degree of accuracy than before via the website.

Made in JAPAN

We offer high product quality and attentive customer-oriented service through in-house planning, development, design, manufacturing and support services that are all performed in an integrated manner in Japan.

Global Support Service

We make use of the DENSO Group’s global sales network for the global supply of our products. We have 19 support bases in 11 countries (seven in Japan and 12 outside the country) to provide customers with substantial support on a global scale.


* Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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