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Warranty extension service : QBdirect

Warranty period Extension Service

This service extends the original one-year warranty if you make a registration by yourself via the website.
The registration fee is unnecessary. (The Internet connection fee is not included.)

Point 1

The manufacturer's ordinary no-cost warranty period (one year) is extended by two years to three years in total. The service fixes failures that occur naturally.

Point 2

If a failure is within the range of the maker's warranty*, the device is collected for repair as many times as required.

* The phrase "a failure is within the range of the manufacturer's warranty" indicates a case where a failure occurred in the device targeted for the service under the normal condition of use. It does not include cases where the device was broken or damaged due to a natural disaster or careless handling. Separate costs are generated depending on the use conditions. For details, refer to the "Warranty Period Extension Service agreement".

Applicable period of service

For three years from the date of manufacturer's shipment
In the cases below, however, the service ends even within the applicable period of service.

1.The device targeted for the service has been lost.
2.The device targeted for the service has been transferred to a third party.
3.The device targeted for the service has been modified.

Warranty scope

Refer to the "Warranty Period Extension Service agreement" for warranty period extension service.

The same contents as those of the standard no-cost warranty are guaranteed.
The service covers not only the warranty for specific parts but that for natural failures under the condition of ordinary use. (Movable components* in part are not included.)
*Vibrator / Keyboard / /I/F connector / charging terminal / Touch panel / Long range reading module / Sub battery / LCD panel

Partial excerption of cases where the service is provided for a price even within the warranty period

1.Failures caused by force majeure, e.g. natural disaster
2.Devices that have been repaired, adjusted, or processed by other than our technicians
3.Failures caused by transportation or movement of the device, or drop or impact of the device during the management or usage
4.Consumables (battery, cable, Screen protection film, etc.), movable components and accessories (hand strap, battery lid, stylus pen, etc.)
5.Unrepairable devices, e.g., sunken product and totally lost product

Note that this service is not applicable after the finish date of the maintenance service specified by the manufacturer.

Applicable products

BHT CU Series CH Series
BHT-1700 Series CU-BU1-17
BHT-1800 Series CU-BU1-18
BHT-1100 Series ※Discontinued Products CU-11XX CH-11XX
BHT-1200 Series (Except UHF Model) ※Discontinued Products CU-12XX CH-12XX
BHT-1300 series CU-13XX CH-13XX
BHT-1400 series CU-AXX -14 CH-A4 -14, CH-11XX
BHT-1500 series CU-AXX -15 CH-A4 -15


After reading and agreeing to the "Warranty Period Extension Service agreement" please register for the service.
The application requires the user's registration of QB Direct. Before usage, please register as a QB Direct user.
As for customers in Europe or Russia or Middle East, please contact your sales representatives.(The lower left button is linked to contact details of TT Network Integration Europe GmbH)

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