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Hand-held terminal

Product name BHT-M80 BHT-M60 BHTBHT-S40/30 BHT-1700/BHT-1800 BHT-1600
Product Catalog
Release Date March 2021 March 2021 January 2021 December 2018 June 2017
Capacity 5,228KB 5,861KB 5,891KB 7,076KB 1,180KB
Product name BHT-1500 BHT-1400 BHT-1300 BHT-1200 BHT-1100
Product Catalog
Release Date October 2015 October 2015 December 2016 January 2015 April 2012
Capacity 6,383KB 5,113KB 2,075KB 1,330KB 1,087KB
Product name BHT-800 BHT-600      
Product Catalog      
Release Date July 2012 July 2012      
Capacity 11MB 8,929KB      

Hand-held scanner

Product name AT30Q AT20 GT20 GT15Q HC56II
Product Catalog
Release Date November 2016 March 2015 November 2015 June 2008 December 2012
Capacity 1,020KB 3,486KB 3,972KB 1,183KB 8,785KB
Product name SE1        
Product Catalog        
Release Date July 2014        
Capacity 1,198KB        

Fixed Type scanner

Product name QB30 QK30 QK20 QM30  
Product Catalog  
Release Date January 2015 March 2014 March 2014 February 2019  
Capacity 1,118KB 1,653KB 376B 1,516KB  


Product name SP1 UR21-MS-01 BHT-1281QULWB UR20 series  
Product Catalog  
Release Date April 2019 June 2018 July 2016 June 2017  
Capacity 1,484KB 656KB 4,382KB 1,027KB  

Wearable Scanner

Product name Wearable SF1        
Product Catalog        
Release Date September 2019        
Capacity 431KB        


Product name FC1-QOPU        
Product Catalog        
Release Date February 2019        
Capacity 1,356KB        

Please read the “Download Service License Agreement” before downloading the files listed on this page.

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