Device Management System

Perform operational support of BHTs

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Device Management System (DMS) is comprised of client application to install in a terminal and management application to install in a PC. It has a function to manage the terminal,to update applications and OS and to execute master file and the results file transmission.


  • ・Centralized management via a network reduces the workload of system administrators.
  • ・System administrators can manage all terminal by terminal information acquired in real time.

Main function

  • ・A function to manage the terminal information.
  • ・A function to supports several kinds of terminals.
  • ・A function to update applications and OS.
  • ・A function to execute master file and the results file transmission.

BHTs Supported

Name Model OS
BHT-1600 BHT-1600BWB-A6-S, BHT-1600QWB-A6-RS, BHT-1600BWBG-A6-S, BHT-1600QWBG-A6-RS Android6.0
BHT-1400 BHT1461BWB-CE, BHT1461QWB-CE, BHT1461QWB-CE-O Windows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1300 BHT-1361BWB-CE, BHT-1361QWB-CE Windows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1200 BHT-1261BWB-CE, BHT-1261QWB-CE Windows Embedded Compact 7
BHT-1261BWB-CE, BHT-1261QWB-CE, BHT-1281QULWB-CE Windows Embedded CE6.0 R3


Title Specification
OS Windows® 7 (32 bits/64 bits (WOW64)), Windows® 10 (32 bits/64 bits (WOW64))
CPU Minimum Core i5 3.0GHz
Memory Memory required for normal operation of the above OS
HDD 100 GB of free space or more.
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