Version Manager

Software for automatically updating files on Windows®-OS BHT terminals.

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Version Manager enables terminals to automatically access a file server and download and update applications, OS, master files, etc.


  1. Centralized management via a network reduces the workload of system administrators.
  2. This user-friendly software ensures easy management that does not require high-level system administrator skills.

Main functions

・Automatically update applications and OS
・Automatically update master files
・Upload update logs
・Automatically reset BHT terminals on a regular basis
*Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.

BHTs Supported(1)

Type System program version
BHT-1400B series Ver.1.04 or above
BHT-1400Q seies Ver.1.03 or above
BHT-1300(Windows-OS) series Ver.1.08 or above
BHT-1200 series(1) Ver.1.02 or above
  1. 1.Windows® Embedded Compact7 model only.
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