Large screen, durability and single-handed operation

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Designed to deliver maximum productivity from your field force.

The 3.2-inch WVGA large screen enables easy operation

The high resolution BHT-1400 display ensures crystal clear visibility of your applications whether indoors or outdoors in bright sunlight.

Operates in any environment IP65 rated

The BHT-1400 series has an IP65 rating and so can be relied upon to perform well even in the harshest of operational environments.

Highly durable, impact-resistant design

Durable polycarbonate is used for the BHT-1400 series to achieve best-in-class impact resistance. The BHT-1400 is designed to resist multiple drops during daily operations giving operators peace of mind about integrity of the product.

Ergonomic design facilitates easy single-handed operation

The BHT-1400 series is designed under the concept of “large screen model perfect for single handed operation.” The construction in the center of the grip makes it easier to hold and at the same time enables easy one-thumb operation. To further improve single handed operability, this product also has a nonslip grip for greater control.

Extended operational capability from improved power save features

The unique power saving design enables continuous operation for up to 30 hours even when the wireless function is always enabled. This reduces the need for frequent charging and minimizes operational downtime

High-performance scanning brought to you exclusively by the manufacturer that developed the QR Code®

powerful reading algorithm, created exclusively by the manufacturer that developed the QR Code® enables high-performance reliable scanning that contributes to improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Support that provides peace of mind for management!!

Remote desktop and web browser reduce development resource requirements

The remote desktop plug-in and web browser plug-in enable thin client implementation with lower development costs. They not only eliminate the need to develop applications for each device and thereby significantly reduce the time required for development, but also offer more advantages. Development with general-purpose languages such as HTML and JavaScript is possible, and it is not necessary for each device to update data.
Since the device itself does not contain any data, there are no security concerns.

Overseas on-site maintenance with“Global Support Service”

DENSO WAVE offers a Global Support Service, through which customers can receive on-site support locally. This ensures that, no matter where sourced, product returned for repair is handled expeditiously to minimize downtime.
* Prior application is required.

3-year warranty provides peace of mind

DENSO WAVE provides a three-year warranty to customers who have registered on its website, giving peace of mind. Our customer service personnel and sales representatives quickly respond to any issue our customers may experience including device failures and make every effort to ensure that customers can use DENSO WAVE's handheld terminals with confidence.

*Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
  2D code model Barcode model
Type BHT-1461QWB-CE BHT-1461BWB-CE
OS Windows® Embedded Compact 7
CPU ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz
Memory Flash ROM 2.0GB(1.2GB for user area)
Display Number of Dots(1) 3.2 inch WVGA(480×800 dots)
Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix display(color)
Back light White LED
Scanner Mode Area sensor Advanced scan plus (CCD)
Decode 2D code QR code, micro QR code, SQRC, iQR code, PDF417, micro PDF417, Maxi code, DataMatrix(ECC200), GS1 Composite -
Barcode EAN-13/8(JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E、UPC/EAN(Add-on embedded), Interleaved 2 of 5(ITF), Standard 2 of 5(STF), CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39、CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128(EAN-128), GS1 Databar(RSS)
Minimum resolution 2D code 0.167mm -
Barcode 0.125mm
Reading reference position 100mm 110mm
Marker Area guide maker -
Scan Confirmation LED in two colors:Blue/red, speaker, vibrator
Key input section Number of keys 21keys(including power key) + cross cursor key + 3trigger Keys
Touch panel Resistive; working load: 1N
Communication Wireless LAN Suitable standard IEEE802.11b/g/nCompliant
Frequency 2.4GHz band
IEEE802.11n:indoors=approx. 50m, IEEE802.11b/g/n:indoors=approx. 75m, outdoors=approx.200m
IEEE802.11b:11/5.5/2/1Mbps, IEEE802.11g:54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps,
access method Infrastructure mode
Bluetooth® Bluetooth Ver.2.1 + EDR based class 2
Card slot microSDHC or microSD(up to 32GB)×1(FAT32 compliant)
Power Main battery Lithium-ion battery
Operating time(3) 35 hours(4)/32 hours(5) 36 hours(4)/30 hours(5)
Additional functionality Clock, speaker, vibrator, battery and voltage in
Operating temperature -20 to 50℃(6)
Security level IP65
Drop resistance(7) Dropped from 2.0m/1.5m above concrete floor, on all 6 faces, 10 times each (total 60 times)
Mass(including battery) Approx. 255g
  1. 1. Although the effective number of picture elements is more than 99.99% thanks to high-precision technologies used to manufacture LCDs, allow thepossibility of some elements, less than 0.01%, that are missing or permanetly turned on;
  2. 2. The communication distance shown is a reference value, adn it may vary accordingly, depending on the actual environmental conditions. The transmission speed shown is a logical variable only, not the guaranteed value.
  3. 3. The described operating time is are ference figure under regular temperatures and may very depending on usage conditions;
  4. 4. Scanning every 5 seconds. Backlight level 1.
  5. 5. When the ratio of reading, wireless communication, screen rewriting and holding durations are 1:1:1:20 under continued wireless operation and backlight level 1.
  6. 6. Zero to 40℃ when batteries are being recharged;
  7. 7. Result obtained in a test under regular temperature is shown and not meant as a guarantee.




Holder, which performs data communication with BHT communication unit and the up-level device.

  Model Description Communication mode Battery charge time Power supply Size(mm)
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 CU-AR1-14 RS-232C+recharging RS-232C Approx. 3 hours AC adapter(2) 110(D)×95(W)×109(H)
CU-AL1-14 Ethernet communication+recharging Ethernet(100BASE-TX) Approx. 3 hours AC adapter(2)
CU-AU1-14 USB communication+recharging USB2.1 Full speed compatible Approx. 12 hours(1) Supplied from USB port/AC adapter(2)
  1. 1.Charge time may vary according to the power supply capability of the connected device. Charge time is 3 hours when using the AC adapter.
  2. 2.The AC adapter is sold separately.


A lineup of various BHT main unit charging type and backup cartridge charging type devices.

  Type Model Feature Charging time Power supply Size(mm)
Multiple battery charger CH-1104 Up to 4 BT-20LB (or BT-110LA or BT-110L) unit can be charged. Approx.3H(BT-110LA,BT-20LB)
AC adapter
  1. 1.The AC adapter sold separately.


Batteries for BHT-1400 series

  Type Model Feature
- Lithium-ion battery BT-110LA battery only
BT-140LA-C battery + battery cover


Name Model Interface Shape Length
USBcable 4PAtype-4PBtype(1) CB00US1400/4A-4B-01 USB PC(4PAtype)-CU(4PBtype) 1.4m
I/Fcable D9s-D9s cross(1) CB00-RS1500/9-9-01 RS-232C PC(Dsub9s)-CU(Dsub9s) 1.5m
  1. 1.Cable is sold separately.

Case and others

  Type Model Feature
Soft case SCBHT-1400 BHT-1400 series common
Waist case WHBHT-1400(1)
Neck strap NSBHT-1300
  1. 1.Waist case does not include belt.


  • ・Hand strap with stylus
  • ・Guidelines for operation
  • ・Instruction manual can be download from our technical support site QBdirect.
  • ※Battery and battery cover are not supplied with the product.

Development tools

Windows Embedded Compact 7-based Software Development Kit for BHT(SDK)(1)

Preinstalled software

Name Feature
Keyboard interface application software [kbifCE](Free) This software is preinstalled.
Wireless setting tool [WLAN Manager] -
Launcher[Application Launcher] -
Back-up tool[BHT Backup] -
Cloning tool[BHT Clone] -
  1. 1.Those items are available from the company's homepage (QBdirect) free of charge.
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