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Light, eye-friendly and contoured

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Basic functions packed into the compact body

Lightest-in-class compact body

BHT-1500 series has a light, compact and highly portable body weighing just 128 grams, the lightest in the industry among handheld terminals in the same class. This helps maximize productivity as the operators can use the device for lengthy periods with no physical strain on themselves.

Largest-in-class 2.0-inch color liquid crystal screen

BHT-1500's compact body is equipped with a 2.0-inch QVGQ colour liquid crystal screen, the largest among handheld terminals in its class. The ensures that application screens and product images are displayed very clearly helping reduce operator errors.

Quick scanning performance

With its unique scanning angle and high performance barcode reader the BHT-1500 series users can scan barcodes while viewing the screen, enabling efficient work in the field.

Excellent operability. Contoured body with well laid out keys

The ergonomically designed BHT-1500 sits comfortably in your hand and well positioned keys enable single handed use.

Excellent durability/Reliable even when accidents happen

Since the BHT-1500 series is resistant to drops from a height of 2.0 meters, you can use it for daily operation with peace of mind. Should the battery be disconnected, the transaction function automatically restores the device to the previous status in the application. the flash file system will retain inputted data without the need for batteries, ensuring relable device performance and confidence your data will not be lost.

A microSDHC card can be used as an external memory

When you need to store large files or increased data a microSDHC card can be used providing peace of mind.

Many convenient functions, enabling easy adoption

Excellent application compatibility with existing models(1)

The BHT-1500 series has excellent compatibility with applications developed for existing models with BHT-BASIC. With the display compatibility mode, applications developed for BHT-900 can be used without changing the display layout settings.

Files can be easily transferred by connecting the device via USB to your PC(2)

Data can easily be transferred by simply dragging and dropping. So you can be operational with minimal effort.

eneloop® can be used. Recharging time is reduced by half compared to existing models(3)

In addition to convenient dry-cell batteries, BHT-1500 can use eneloop rechargeable batteries. The device can be fully recharged in 5 hours - about half time of previous models.(4)

Can be connected to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth®(5)

BHT-1500BB model is Bluetooth HID-enabled, enabling easy data transfer to tablets and smartphones.

3-year warranty provides peace of mind

DENSO WAVE provides a three-year warranty to customers who have registered on its website, giving peace of mind. Our customer service personnel and sales representatives quickly respond to any issue our customers may experience including device failures and make every effort to ensure that customers can use DENSO WAVE's handheld terminals with confidence.


As for the compatibility, please check FAQ pages.

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  1. 1.Some applications may need revisions.
  2. 2.In MTP mode setting
  3. 3.Compared to the BHT-900 series.
  4. 4.No dry-cell battery adapter is required.
  5. 5.BHT-1500BB model only
  6. *Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Models Batch Model Bluetooth® Model
BHT-1505B BHT-1505BB
CPU 32bit RISC microprocessor
Memory Flash Memory 32MB (Approx. 17 MB for user area)(1)
Display The Number of Dots(2) 2.0 inch QVGA (240 x 320dots)
Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix display (color)
Backlight White LED
Scanner Mode Advanced Scan Plus (CCD)
Barcode EAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN (Add-on embedded), Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF),Standard 2 of 5 (STF), CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1 Databar (RSS)
Minimum resolution 0.125mm
Reading reference position 110mm
Scan Confirmation LED in three colors: Blue/red/green, Buzzer, Vibelation
Key input section The Number of keys 21keys (including power key) + Cross-hair cursor key + a trigger key
Communication Optical I/F Communication mode Infrared ray (IrDA Ver.1.2 [Low Power] physical signaling layer-compliant)
Transmission speed ~115.2kbps, 460.8kbps
Communication distance Approx. 0.15 m MAX.
Bluetooth® - Bluetooth®2.1 + EDR (SPP/HID/DUN/GAP)
Card slot microSDHC/microSD card (~32GB)×1
Power Main battery Alkaline AAA battery × 3 or AAA eneloop® battery × 3
Alkaline battery 85 hours(4)
eneloop® 70 hours(4)
Additional functionality Clock, Buzzar, Vibelation, Battery and voltage indicators
Operating temperature -5 to 50°C(5)(6)
Security level IP54
Drop resistance(7) Dropping test from 2.0m /1.2m height over a concrete floor with each of 6 sides of the enclosure facing down (60 times total)
Mass (including AAA eneloop® battery) Approx. 128 g
  1. 1.The user area includes font file area (approx 400KB).
  2. 2.The liquid panel is made with high-precision technology. Though the number of pixels available is 99.99%, please understand that there is 0.01% chance of the display being scrambled and turned off.
  3. 3.Operating times shown are reference values at room temperature and may vary depending on working conditions.
  4. 4.In the case of once reading per 5 seconds. Backlight level is 1.
  5. 5.Operation temperature of eneloop®.
  6. 6.Zero to 40°C when batteries are being recharged.
  7. 7.Result obtained in a test under regular temperature is shown and not meant as a guarantee.




Holder, which performs data communication with BHT communication unit and the up-level device.

  Model Feature Communication mode Charging time Size(mm) Power supply
CU-AU1-15 USB communications + Recharging USB2.1 Full speed mode-compatible Approx. 5 hours 110(D)×95(W)×98(H) Supplied from USB port/AC adapter(1)
CU-AR1-15 RS232C communications + Recharging RS-232C AC adapter(1)
CU-AL1-15 Ethernet communications + Recharging Ethernet(100BASE-TX)
  1. 1. The AC adapter is sold separately.


A lineup of various BHT main unit charging type and backup cartridge charging type devices.

  Model Feature Charging time Power supply
CH-A4-15 4 serial battery rechargers Approx. 3 hour(eneloop®) AC adapter(1)
  1. 1. The AC adapter is sold separately.


Name Model Interface Shape Length
USB cable 4PA type-4PB type(1) CB00-US1400/4A-4B-01 USB PC(4PA type)-CU(4PB type) 1.4m
I/F cable D9S-D9S cross(1) CB00-RSI500/9-9-01 RS-232C PC(Dsub9S)-CU(Dsub9S) 1.5m
  1. 1. Cable is sold separately.

Case and others

  Type Model Feature
Soft case SCBHT-1500 BHT-1500 series common
Waist case WHBHT-900/1500 BHT-1500 series common
NSBHT-1300 Neck strap NSBHT-1300 BHT-1500 series common
  1. 1. Waist case does not include belt.


  • ・Guidelines for operation
  • ・Instruction manual
  • ・Hand strap

※Batteries and eneloop® are not supplied with this product.

Preinstalled software

Development Tools

Name Set contents
BHT-BASIC4.0 Creator BHT-BASIC4.0 Creator
BHT-BASIC4.0 transfer utility
BHT-BASIC4.0 simulator
BHT Advanced Pack II BHT Advanced Pack II
Application production
tool/communication tool
BHT-BASIC4.0 simulator
Assist Pack Pro (produced by Computer Assist Co., Ltd.) -

Software for setting

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