Message from our top management

DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED works with the goal of presenting new business models to the customer.

DENSO WAVE contributes many diversity of productivity improvement in many factories, shops and offices to provide our products to support our all customers’ innovation, through rolling out our business in our three areas, Automatic Data Capturing, Industrial Robots, and Industrial Controllers for manufacturers. We have grown up with our customers through not only selling equipments to improve customers’ productivity by robots and other equipment in factories, revolution in logistics and sales processes by auto-data capturing equipment, and security improvement in offices or auto-payment system in restaurants which provide safety and comfort of lives, but also offering solutions for our customer.

Our world and life is now quickly changing with new ideas of values from seeking only efficiency to seeking environmental friendliness, safety, and comfort of society. DENSO WAVE wants to keep offering our proposals; however its driving force is our customers’ voices. We believe in our progress through keeping communication with you then we provide your solutions to see your happiness. We aim such company that all our associates think seriously from your standpoints and contribute to the society.

We continue to chase realization of your dreams and happiness. We really appreciate all of your continuous support to us.

Hiroyasu Nakagawa
President and Chief Operating Officer