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Important Notice of Disinfection and Maintenance for DENSO WAVE AUTO-ID Products

Dear our customers and partners,

Thank you for using DENSO WAVE products.
Due to the currently expanding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) infection, DENSO WAVE have recently received many inquiries on the disinfection of products.
With regard to this subject, we would like to inform you as described below.
As described in the care and maintenance of the Operator’s Guide* contained in the package of regular AUTO-ID products, the usage of thinner and alcohol for cleaning is prohibited.
In consideration of the currently widespread novel coronavirus infection, DENSO WAVE performed the wiping test under its own test standards using 70% ethanol or 10 ppm to 80 ppm hypochlorous acid water in expectation of a certain disinfection effect. As a result, we visually confirmed that there is no remarkable discoloration and color fading on the surface of the housing. Before using the solutions described below, please read and understand the following descriptions.

Test description:  Wiping the outer surface of a product excluding the reading window, the dust-proof plate and cables with the robot arm 1,500 times
Solutions: 70% ethanol/ 10 ppm to 80 ppm hypochlorous acid water/70% isopropyl alcohol/3% hydrogen peroxide
Applicable models:  AUTO-ID product models selected by material and posted on the DENSO WAVE’s website.

- Do not apply any liquid on the reading window or the dust-proof plate. Never get any liquid into narrow spaces such as holes and slits.
- When wiping, be sure to use a soft cloth. If any liquid remains after operation, wipe it off with a dry and soft cloth.
- This description does not guarantee the product specifications. Product degradation such as housing degradation may become apparent depending on the operation environment.

* Proper Care of the AUTO-ID product (Excerpt from Operator’s Guide)
●Terminal dirt on the AUTO-ID product and battery cartridge
Periodically wipe any dirt from the terminals of the AUTO-ID product and battery cartridge with a cotton swab or similar soft object. The terminal should be treated with the upmost care so as not to be scratched or bent during a cleaning. Never use organic solvents such as alcohol, as this may cause the coated surface to come off.

●Housing dirt
Wipe any dirt from the housing with a dry, soft cloth. If excessively dirty, wipe with a soft cloth that has been soaked in soapy water (always use neutral detergent) and wrung out thoroughly. Never use organic solvents such as alcohol, as this may cause the housing to be marred or paint to peel off.

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