Information on the vulnerabilities of DENSO WAVE’s products

Vulnerability response policy

DENSO WAVE collects information on the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of its products in order to take countermeasures and ensure that customers can use its products and services safely.

  • 1. Organizational structure for vulnerability management

    ※ CISO … Chief Information Security Officer
    ※ CSIRT … Computer Security Incident Response Team
    ※ PSIRT … Product Security Incident Response Team
  • 2. Vulnerability response procedures

    • (1) Collecting vulnerability information
      DENSO WAVE collects information on its product vulnerabilities from sources outside of the company.
      If you find a vulnerability in our products, please contact us via the Vulnerability Information Report Form.
    • (2) Analyzing vulnerability information at product development divisions
      Product development divisions check the details of collected vulnerability information.
    • (3) Determining whether a vulnerability needs to be fixed
      If we judge that there is a security vulnerability, the vulnerability will be fixed and then a patch with fixes will be released at the appropriate time.
  • 3. List of product vulnerability information

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