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Creating new work methods together

In this age of the "new normal",
where change seems like the only true constant,
what can DENSO WAVE do?

We believe we can provide new value
and fulfill our mission by proposing
new work methods through our products and services,
without being bound to conventional ideas.

Let DENSO WAVE help you find a new work methods to help
both on-site workers and managers
perform stronger and faster.

New work methods

The following concepts are a few examples of exciting new work methods with DENSO WAVE.
Please feel free to make an inquiry about the introduction of the terminals through our “Contact us” page.


Navigation may displayed on the screen for direct and speedy delivery

The navigation function provided by the large-screen hand-held terminal helps the driver quickly reach the destination even when heading to an unfamiliar place to meet an urgent request for cargo pickup.


Real-time sharing of sales information

Stores can speedily share sales know-how, such as information about a product display strategy that helped boost sales, by making use of the chat app and camera.


Prompt troubleshooting with a quick video call

Manufacturing staff can promptly make inquiries to service and support associates when they face a concern with a device, reducing frustration and quickly increasing their productivity.


Improving store associate's product-related knowledge

By using the BHT, the staff can share knowledge about new products, product display know-how and other information through manuals (and videos), which helps them improve their individual service quality.


Real-time sharing of risk information

In case of an accident/disaster, the headquarters can send real-time road information to drivers who are delivering goods, which helps protect their safety.


Using SQRC for lost children

Large facilities such as shopping malls can provide comfort and safety to visitors by providing SQRC cards for children to be worn on a neck strap. Should a stray child turn up, staff can read the SQRC with the BHT. Telephone numbers of parents/chaperones can be included in the coded data, allowing the staff to easily contact them. SQRC can carry a variety of private data that cannot be read by general smartphones, thereby providing high security.


Using a robot for truck loading/unloading

A robot can be controlled with the hand-held terminal to use the robot for truck loading/unloading to reduce manual labor.


Identifying the optimal loading method based on parcel size data.

By reading the QR codes attached to parcels, which carry parcel size information, workers will get information about the optimal loading method for the parcels.

Logistics, retail, etc.

Monitoring family members even during the working hours

Workers can use the monitoring app on the BHT to monitor their children or elderly family members staying at home through a remote camera and other devices.

Logistics, retail, etc.

Supporting childcare in cooperation with nursery schools

Working parents can receive messages from their children's nursery school with BHT and notifications if they need to leave in order to care for their children or request help.

Solutions that only DENSO WAVE can offer

  • Products
  • Support for
  • After-sale

DENSO WAVE provides opportunities
for new work methods through its products,
support for introduction and after-sale service,
in cooperation with its customers.

Support for

Optimal lineup for your workplace

Both Android™ and BHT-OS available

The new BHT series provides superior durability and high-spec performance. Choose which terminal is right for you based on your unique usage. The M series is equipped with multifunctional Android™. The S series is equipped with DENSO WAVE's own developed BHT-OS, which includes long-term support.

Reliable security measures

For business-use hand-held terminals, security measures are indispensable to prevent unauthorized access/operation and the leak of confidential information. As a manufacturer of hand-held terminals, DENSO WAVE has built a unique multi-layered protection system and provides users with security software products from which they can choose only those necessary for them to use the terminals efficiently and with peace of mind.

Top-class hand-held terminals

Robust enough for use under
harsh conditions

Being resistant against 3.0-meter drops and having passed the tumble test of 1.0 m x 2,000 drops, the terminals provide the industry’s top-level robustness. Special tempered glass is adopted for the screen to make it resistant to scratching and cracking. The terminals are also IP67-compliant to be resistant to dust and water and can be operated at temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. They can therefore be used with comfort both under the flaming sun and in a refrigerated warehouse. (The numerical values are reference values for the BHT-M60.)

Crisp and speedy reading

By adopting the industry’s top-level CPU, we have achieved outstanding reading speed (about 30 labels per sec.) for the M series and doubled the reading speed for the S series relative to a conventional product. Labels of goods on the shelves and of stacked goods can be read sequentially in a very smooth manner.

We have adopted a new decode engine and new angle scanner to enable the reading of labels covered with wrapping films, stained labels, deformed labels and DPM codes.

Extensive lineup of
software products

DENSO WAVE’s own developed
software available for immediate use

We provide both our own and partner companies’ software products to help customers increase their operational efficiency throughout the development, operation and maintenance processes.

The abundant Android™
software partners

Various software products are provided by our partners with confirmed operability. These products will help you advance your operations. For details, please consult with the contact point.

(As of October, 2020)

Supporting customers for optimal introduction

Our special BHT team
will propose solutions

Our special BHT team will help propose unique solutions. The team will respond to inquiries from customers who will introduce the BHT for the first time and will also make optimal proposals, including proposals about software, to meet individual customers’ requests, such as “But we don’t want to make any changes to our current operations,” and “We want to increase our operational efficiency.” Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Prompt responses to problems

Local customer service support

For questions and problems related to daily operations, our engineers will make prompt responses in each area across the world and our local customer service staff will deal with issues with speed and integrity.

Long-term warranty
brings peace of mind

3-year free-of-charge
repair service

A 3-year warranty comes free of charge for post-purchase repair services. You can expect a quick response from our operations both in Japan and globally. DENSO WAVE offers the same repair service for our products whether purchased outside of Japan or those purchased in Japan, but used outside of the country. (Prior reservation needed.)

Superior maintenance
service (Chargeable)

The maintenance service also covers the damage caused by unexpected incidents, which are not covered by the free-of-charge warranty service. Because this maintenance service is provided at a fixed rate, you can include the repair cost in your budget. We provide speedy repair service, for which no quotes are required.

New BHT Series

Hand-held Terminals to Create
New Work Methods


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