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Equipped with BHT-OS
Handle more information in one hand with a large 3.2-inch screen.
Creating new work methods together.
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Feature of BHT-S40

BHT-OS for long-term support

BHT-OS, our own developed OS, has the efficient system structure that ensures stable operation. We provide support for BHT-OS on a continual basis so that customers can use the terminals for a long time with peace of mind.

3.2-inch large screen

The large WVGA screen provides high
legibility and is suitable for use at stores
to increase the efficiency of product ordering, etc.

High compatibility with conventional models

Apps used on other BHT-OS-based models can be used without changing the screen layout.
*in compatible mode
As for the compatibility, please check
FAQ pages. FAQ contents are available only for QBdirect members.Click here to login.

Lineup of models

The other model, BHT-S30 has 2.4-inch compact screen and it can be used selectively according to the place of use and usage. S30 is highly portable and can used for real-time product picking in a warehouse, being equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi communication function.「BHT-S30」product page


Light and comfortable to use.

Large LED with high visibility

Easy to recognize the completion of reading and error messages even while working in a place where the screen visibility is limited. The display color was selected in consideration of the diversity of people’s color vision.

Easy- to-pres s keys

The dome-shaped keys are laid out in a manner which enables smooth data entry.
The scan key is large enough for error-free operation.

Universal design

We have adopted universal colors and universal fonts in consideration of the diversity of people’s color vision, thereby making it a handy terminal that is easy to use for many people.

Optimal center of gravity design for comfort of use

The total length is minimized, and the battery, screen and reader are laid out in an optimal manner to achieve a center of gravity design that provides comfort of use.

Easy to hook your finger around

Shaped in a manner that makes it easy to hook your index finger onto it.

Uniquely designed for easy gripping

The width of the grip is minimized to make it easier to grip it even with the smaller hand of a woman. A cylindrical battery is adopted to give the grip an easier-to-grip shape. You can therefore use it for many hours without feeling stress on the hand.

Easy-to-replace battery

You can easily open/close the battery compartment simply by pressing the “PUSH” button on the cover.


Read faster, works harder.

Equipped with a new decode engine and high-density sensor, BHT-S40 provides
outstanding reading performance.
The high-performance CPU adopted for the device enables high-speed processing.
Just “trace” for serial scanning

By adopting a new decode engine, we have more than doubled the reading speed compared with conventional products. With the terminal, you only need to trace the labels of items on the shelves and those of stacked items for serial reading. You can also perform inventory work, which usually takes a whole day, in half the time.
*Only for 2D code models

Just “hold over” for easy scanning

Can easily read the label (code) from a distance of 1m

We have adopted a high-density sensor so that codes can be read without fail even from a distance.
Read codes easily while holding the terminal in a comfortable position without the need to stand up or crouch down repeatedly. Codes can be read easily even through glass.
*Only for 2D code models

Needs no skills for reading

The laser marker, which provides high visibility even under the sun, eliminates the need to acquire skills to read labels covered with wrapping films and enables reading labels outdoors.

Can read even difficult-to-read labels

We have adopted a new decode engine and high-density sensor and designed the optimal angle for operability in a comfortable position with no specular reflection effect. As a result, even labels covered by wrapping film, blurred/stained/deformed labels, and DPM codes can be read by the terminal.
*Only for 2D code models


Supports a comfortable work environment.

Direct charging supported

Widely used Type-C cable supported,
allowing recharging with mobile batteries.

Usable for many hours with peace of mind

The unique power-saving design prolongs the operation hours. Moreover, two types of
batteries can be used according to the usage.

Detection of battery deterioration to prevent related incidents

The terminal detects battery deterioration
and warns you when to replace.

Higher communication speed for higher operational efficiency

IEEE 802.11 ac supported for high-speed communication. You can use the terminal with peace of mind even in the most advanced infrastructure environment.


Outstanding robustness.

Outstanding robustness

Durable against 2.5-meter drops. The polycarbonate body is light and highly resistant to shocks.

Able to withstand harsh environments

With IP 65-compliant, you can use the terminals outdoors as well as in dusty factories with peace of mind.

  1. 1.BHT, the QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
  2. 2.Sales model varies by region.
  3. 3.The outer appearance and specifications of the products might be changed for improvement without prior notice.
  4. *Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Model 2D code Model Barcode Model
(Bluetooth®) (Bluetooth®+Wireless LAN) (Bluetooth®) (Bluetooth®+Wireless LAN)
CPU 32-bit RISC microprocessor
Memory Flash memory 128 MB (with a user area of approx. 84 MB)
Display Number of dots(1) 3.2-inch WVGA (480×800 dots)
Display device Dot matrix liquid crystal display (color)
Number of
displayed characters(2)
Small font 10 chrs. × 16 lines (full-width) or 20 chrs. x 16 lines (half-width)(QVGA-compatible mode: 10 chrs. x 13 lines (full-width) or 20 chrs. x 13 lines (half-width)) 
Standard font 8 chrs. x 13 lines (full-width) or 16 chrs. x 13 lines (half-width)(QVGA-compatible mode: 8 chrs. x 10 lines (full-width) or 16 chrs. x 10 lines (half-width))
Backlight White LED
Scanner Reading system Area sensing Advanced Scan Plus (CCD)
2D code QR code, Micro QR code, SQRC, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Maxi code, Data Matrix (ECC200), and
GS1 Composite
Barcode EAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E, UPC/EAN (with add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), Standard 2 of 5 (STF), and GS1 DataBar(RSS)
2D code 0.127 mm
Barcode 0.076 mm 0.125 mm
Marker Cross guide marker
Scan confirmation 3 color (blue, red, and green) LEDs, speaker, and vibrator
Key Entry Number of keys 21 keys (including the power key), cursor keys, and 3 trigger keys
Communication Wireless LAN
Applicable standard - Compliant with IEEE.802.11ac/a/b/g/n - Compliant with IEEE.802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Frequency - 5GHz-band (W52,W53,W56 and W58)
2.4GHz-band (1 to 13 channels)
- 5GHz-band (W52,W53,W56 and W58)
2.4GHz-band (1 to 13 channels)
Access method - Infrastructure mode and ad-hoc mode Infrastructure mode and ad-hoc mode
Security - Encryption : WEP (40/128), TKIP, and AES
WPA authentication :
WPA and WPA2
User authentication :
- Encryption : WEP (40/128), TKIP, and AES
WPA authentication :
WPA and WPA2
User authentication :
Bluetooth® connection Bluetooth® Version 5.0+EDR/LE
(Supported profiles: GAP, SPP, HID, DUN, and GATT)
Wired connection USB Version 2.0 (USB Type-C)
Power Supply Main battery Lithium-ion battery
Operating time(4) BT2S(1900mAh) 55hours※5/14hours※6 55hours※5/21hours※7 57hours※5/15hours※6 57hours※5/23hours※7
BT2(3200mAh) 95hours※5/25hours※6 95hours※5/40hours※7 98hours※5/27hours※6 98hours※5/42hours※7
Card Slot FAT32-compliant microSD or microSDHC (up to 32 GB ) × 1
Additional Functions Clock, speaker, vibrator, battery voltage indicator, keyboard backlight, and remote wakeup
Environmental Performance Operating temperature(3) -20℃ to 50℃
Operating humidity 5 to 95%RH (non-condensing and non-icing)
Protective class(8) IP65
Drop resistance(8) Above concrete floor, 2.5 m, 60 times or more from 1.5 m
Weight (including the battery) Approx. 242 g (including BT2S), approx. 256 g (including BT2)
  1. 1.The LCD display is manufactured with precise technology. The rate of non-defective pixels is 99.99% or more, which means that 0.01% or less pixels could be stuck or dead.
  2. 2. The small font is 48-dot size and the standard 60-dot size. There are also 24-dot, 30-dot, and 40-dot fonts.
  3. 3. 0 to 40 during charging.
  4. 4.The operating time is a reference value at a room temperature and may differ depending on the operating conditions.
  5. 5.Reading once per ve seconds with the LCD backlight lit only during reading.
  6. 6.One cycle (30seconds): Reading (1second), Bluetooth communication (sending 1KB through a continuous connection), screen update (1second), and wait, with the LCD backlight lit only during reading, Bluetooth communication, and screen update. 
  7. 7.Assuming a ratio among reading, wireless communication, screen update, and wait of 1:1:1:20, with the LCD backlight lit only during reading, wireless communication, and screen update.
  8. 8.These are the values tested at a room temperature, and not guaranteed values.




  Type Model
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 1900 mAh battery BT2S
3200 mAh battery BT2

Communication unit

  Type Model
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 USB type communication unit(1) CU-S40U
LAN type communication unit(1) CU-S40L
RS232C type communication unit(1) CU-S40R
  1. *1: AC adaptor sold separately.


  Type Model
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 4-slot main unit charger(1) CH-S40-4
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 Single-slot battery charger(1) CH-BT2
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 4-slot battery charger(1) CH-BT2-4
  1. *1: AC adaptor sold separately.

Case and strap

  Model Type
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 Soft case   SCBHT-S40
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 Waist case WHBHT-M60/S40/S30
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 Neck strap  NSBHT-1300


  Type Model
CU-AR1-14 CU-AL1-14 CU-AU1-14 USB Type-C – Type-A conversion cable (1.5 m)  CB00-US1500/4A-4C
  1. *The outer appearance and specifcations of the products might be changed for improvement without prior notice.

Components of a Set

  • ・Terminal
  • ・Hand strap
  • ・Operation manual
  • User's manual *The Operation Guide is not included. It can be downloaded from WEB.

Preinstalled Software

Name Download
Easy Pack Ad for BHT-S30/40 Download from here

Development Tool

Basic software to developing BHT applocation.

Setup Software

Software to configure various parameters for the BHT-S series.

Name Download
BHT Setting(Free) Download from here

Operation Support Software

Software to operate the BHT-S series.

Name Download
BHT Manager Download from here

SQRC Setting Software

Software for setting cryptography key necessary for SQRC reading.

Name Download
SQRC Setting -

Support for introduction provided by the BHT team

Our special BHT team helps customers introduce the products by capitalizing on its long-accumulated experience,
know-how and expertise in BHT products. DENSO WAVE team will make proposals, including options for software,
to meet the customers’ requests, such as “But we don’t want to make any changes to our current operations,”
and “We want to increase our operational effciency.”

【Examples of support provided by the BHT team】
 ■ Support for selection of devices  ■ Support for change of OS  
 ■ Developing apps and making proposals to help customers solve their respective problems
 ■ Communication environment optimization service (addition cost)
 We can conduct a survey to select the most appropriate locations for access points and optimize channel
 design to propose the optimal wireless environment for customers.
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • Options
  • Software
  • Support for introduction

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