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Ultra-thin stationary scanner that can be installed anywhere

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To eliminate checkout queues

No need to manually read RF tags one after another.
Checkout procedure can be completed quickly by just scanning products on the counter.

No worry about caught because of thin antenna Improve work efficiency by reducing unnecesary space

The combination of a small controller and a thin antenna eliminates problems in findig an instal lation location. A dedicated antenna fixture, which is useful in installing the antenna, is also offered.

No need to worry about reading products on adjacent checkout counters

The communication range is approximately 80 cm, which is ideal for the environment for POS re gisters. To prevent reading RF tags of products on adjacent checkout counters, the communication range can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the use environment.

*Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Model (RS-232C/USB model)
UR21-MS-01 (1)
RFID Readable and writable RF tag ISO/IEC18000-63 TypeC (EPCglobal Class1 Gen2) -supported Tag
Frequency EU (865.7-867.5 MHz), Australia (918.25-925.75 MHz), 
China (920.625-924.375 MHz), USA/Canada (915.25-927.5 MHz), 
Taiwan (922.25-927.75  MHz), Thailand/Hong Kong/Singapore (920.25-924.75MHz
),Korea (917.3-920.3 MHz), Indonesia (923.25-924.75 MHz), 
Vietnam (918.25-922.75 MHz), Malaysia (919.25-922.75 MHz), 
Phillipines (918.25-919.75 MHz), Russia(866.1-867.5 MHz) 
Channel width/number of channels EU (600 kHz/ 4ch), Australia (500 kHz/ 16ch), China (250 kHz/ 16ch), 
USA/Canada(250 kHz/ 50ch), Taiwan (500 kHz/ 12ch), 
Thailand/Hong Kong/Singapore (500 kHz/ 10ch), Korea (600 kHz/ 6ch), Indonesia (500 kHz/ 4ch), Vietnam (500 kHz/ 10ch), Malaysia (500 kHz/ 8ch), Phillipines (500 kHz/ 4ch), Russia (200 kHz/ Sch) 
Transmission output EU (18.9dBmERP), Australia (21dBmEIRP),china(18.9dBmERP), 
USA/CANADA (21dBmEIRP), Taiwan (18.9dBmERP), 
Thailand/Hong Kong (21dBmEIRP), Singapore (18.9dBmERP), Korea (21dBmEIRP), Indonesia (18.9dBmERP), Vietnam (18.9dBmERP), Malaysia (18.9dBmRP), Phillipines (18.9dBmERP), Russia (18.9dBmERP) 
Modulation method PR-ASK
Transmission rate 40 kbps
Scanning distance(2) 0~1300 mm(Avery Dennison AD·237r6, AD ・229r6)
Output adjustment 5-23dBm 
LED indication function PW: power supply (green),COM (red), ANT1 (orange), ANT2 (orange) 4 total
Interface RS-232C(D-SUB 9P), USB(mini USB BType)
Power Power supply Custom AC adapter(100 V) 
Current consumption 1300 mA MAX(excluding inrush current) 
Operating temperature 0–40℃
Structure Dimensions Controller: 90 × 108.5 × 31 mm
Antenna: 200 × 200 × 17.5 mm
Weight Controller:Approx.130 g 
Antenna:Approx.250 g
 1: Do not connect antennas, controllers, and cables that are not specified by DENSO Wave.The use of such antennas. controllers, and cables may result in violation of the Radio Act; the user may be punished under the act. 
  2 The communication distance differs depending on the targettag.The communication distance is subject to change depending on the conditions in the actual environment. 




*For dimensions of the antenna fixture (B-URANR1-01), please visit here.


・Rear cover (lock nuts included in package)
・Safety Precautions 



Software (Sold separately)

Control Command DLL File
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