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Navigation TAG

LED-equipped UHF-band RF tag
Lights up what you’re looking for

Manufactured by:Securitag Assembly Group Co., LTD

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01.Equipped with a high-brightness LED.
You can visually recognize the LED emission in a dark place,
such as a warehouse,or even under lighting
02.You can turn on the LED from a distance of up to 8 m*.
  1. *The reading distance is a reference value when using SP1 scanner and may differ depending on the actual environmental conditions.
03.The tag is translucent, and you can recognize the light even from the side.
04. Being highly durable*, you can use it repeatedly.
  1. * Drop durability on concrete from a height of 1.2 m (20 tags tested)

Convenient, user-friendly functions

Easy to set up at the time of introduction! Easy QR code kitting

・By scanning the QR code that incorporates unique electronic product code (EPC) information  on the back of the tag, it is possible to link to the right tag securely, even in an environment with multiple tags.

A function that allows you to use the battery efficiently without waste.

・The battery level monitor informs you when you need to replace it.
・A long-lasting battery with a function to prevent the tag  from being left on.

The special design offers a variety of tag mounting methods according to the usage scene.

Battery replacement is easy if you use a coin to open the battery compartment.

・Commercially available button batteries can be used.

Ideal application examples

    ・Shelve and box searches
    ・Digital picking system

    ・Basket cart searches

    ・Checked baggage searches

  1. ・BHT and QR code are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
  2. ・Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
  3. ・The outer appearance and specifications of the products may change for improvement purposes without prior notice.
  4. *Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.
Tag communication method UHF
Frequency range 860~960MHz Global band
Power supply Battery (button cell: CR2032)
Operational time 100 days (in a case where a cycle, in which lighting is on for one second and off for 59 seconds, is repeated 1440 times per day)
*Operational time is a reference value measured under room temperature and varies depending on the actual operational conditions.
*The specification value is obtained using Panasonic’s button cells.
Writing/reading distance Up to 8 m
*The reading distance is a reference value calculated by using SP1 with the tags, with the actual distance depending on operational conditions.
Operational temperature -30~60℃ 
*Please use the product within the operational temperature range of SP1 (-20 to 40℃).
Protection rating Equivalent to IP53
Drop durability 1.2 m x once (Dropped on a concrete floor) (20 tags tested)
LED color Red
Weight Approx.26g (including the battery)
Material Polycarbonate
How to fix Screws(M5), double-sided tape, bundling bands
*not included in the product package



Supported models

■RFID Scanner
Model Addition
■Android™-based Hand-held terminal*
Model Addition
BHT-M80 Android 10
BHT-1800 Android 7.1.2
*Replaceable with other Android™-based terminals (ver. 7.1.2 and higher)

Development support kit

Navigation TAG app. development support kit (SDK) (1)
1.You can download it for free from the DENSO WAVE website (QBdirect).

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Operation Environment
  • Software

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