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BHT Remote

Software to remote-control an Android™ BHT on a PC

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Software to remote-control a networked Android BHT on a PC for smooth communication,
higher on-site operational efficiency and reduction of burden on the management side.

Main function

There are three modes available for real-time operational management, from which you can
choose the one suitable for the intended use.

1.“Assistant Mode” to remotely support the worker

In this mode, the manager can share the operation screen with the worker,
making it suitable for usage such as lectures on the operation method by an operator.

2."Desk Top Mode" for data entry and changing setting
   while remaining undetected by the worker

In this mode, the manager can change the password and other data while the screen is off
on the worker’s side, so it is suitable for updating programs and changing settings.


3."View Mode" for constant checking of the operational situation

The screen of the handy terminal used on-site can be viewed at the control center
to monitor the operational situation, and for early troubleshooting.

System Architecture

*Sales availability varies by country and region. Please contact us for more information.

Operation Environment

Supported OS
Windows® 10(32bit/64bit)、Windows® Server 2012/2016 (32bit /64bit)


Supported BHT models


BHT-1800 series, BHT-1700 series,BHT-M80 series, BHT-M60 series 

  • Feature
  • Operation Environment

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