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Strictly pursues "installation space saving" and "high Internal environment performance" required for built-on scanners.

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Scanning performance

[QB30] Wide-field model with small footprint

With its compact body and wide-angle lens, QB30 can be installed in a small space without needing to be a certain distance from the scanned object. It can reduce installation space when mounted on a kiosk terminal, allowing users to install it anywhere they wish.(1)

[QB31] Standard-range model allows scanning from a distant position

With its deeper scanning field, QB31 can scan objects distant from it.
It is perfect for plant production lines, thereby contributing to improved site productivity.

Batch scanning of multiple codes

It can shorten the scanning time through batch scanning up to 8 codes within the scanning range.(2)

Internal environment performance

Safety function which blocks the intrusion of dirt and water drop

Materialized IP54, the protection rating of IEC. Shut out ingress of dust at the production line or rainwater at a semi-outdoor. It can be installed safely.

Operating temperature -20 to 50℃

It supports operating temperature of -20 to 50℃ and can be installed safely at a semi-outdoor entrance gate.

Other functions

Data edit and Data collation

Corresponds to simplified programming language "ADF script". You can editt the data freely and the load on the host device can be reduced.
By the registration of the master data, collation with the scanned data is available.

Easy installation possible with live mode

Live mode enables users to install the QB30 while checking its scanning range, reducing the number of man-hours for installation.

  1. 1.It is recommended to use a low-reflection coating plate in case you wish to install a plate on the scanning side.
  2. 2.It supports up to two types of codes
Type QB30-SR (RS-232C model) QB30-SU (USB model) QB31-SR (RS-232C model) QB31-SU (USB model)
Scanner unit Readable
2D code QR code, micro QR code, SQRC, iQR, PDF417, micro PDF417, Maxi code, DataMatrix(ECC200), Aztec, GS1 Composite(EAN.UCC Composite)
Barcode EAN-13/-8(JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN(Add an add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128, GS 1 DataBar(RSS)
2D code 0.20mm 0.17mm
  Barcode 0.15mm
Marker light - Visible semiconductor laser (red 1 mW max; JIS Class 2)
Scanning reference position 40mm 90mm
Scanning range(1) 62mm x 39mm 56mm x 30mm
Label moving rate(2) 800mm/s - 500mm/s -
Lighting White LED Red LED
Confirm scan LED One (Blue, green, red)
Buzzer 3-step volume control, 3-step tone control
Interface Interface RS-232C(Mini D-sub 15-pin female)(3) USB RS-232C(Mini D-sub 15-pin female)(3) USB
Cable length 0.5m 2m 0.5m 2m
Input Trigger reset - Trigger reset -
Output Scanning OK/NG, contrast OK/NG Sync signal of external lighting - Scanning OK/NG, contrast OK/NG Sync signal of external lighting -
Power unit Rated voltage 5V
Power Supplied from the higher-ranking equipment
Operating button 1 button (Magic key)
Batch reading of multiple codes Maximum 8
Image storage Maximum 10
Operating temperature -20–50°C
Protection rating IP54
Enclosure color (front) White Black
Mass Approximately
Approximately 150g Approximately
Approximately 150g
  1. 1.Value at the scanning reference position
  2. 2.This is the reference value when a QR code with a cell size of 0.33 mm/Ver5 is scanned at the scanning reference position  with the use of an exterior trigger, and is subject to change according to actual ambient conditions.
  3. 3.When the RS-232C model is connected to an external device by using the D-sub9PIN, a D15-to-D9S conversion cable and  an AC adopter are required.




  • ・RS-232C D15P-to-D9S conversion cable*(CBQ3:RS2000/15-9-01 (2.0 m)
  • ・AC adapter AD2-1005/3000*

* Required when the RS-232C model is connected to an external device by using the D-sub9PIN.


  • ・Operation guide
  • ・Instructions manual can be downloaded from our web site.

Setting Software

Software for various parameter settings of the handy scanner made by DENSO WAVE

Model Feature
QB Setting(Free) Software which sets up each parameter of QB30 from PC

Keyboard Interface Software

Software which converts the data from a scanner like input from a keyboard

Model Feature
QRkbif(Free) Software which receives the information read by a scanner and converts the data as if it was input from a keyboard


  • Feature
  • Specifications
  • Option
  • Software

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