Automatic Data Captures

Fixed Type 2D Code ScannerQB30

2D Code


Features of main unit

White LED which can cope with all codes

White LED which can cope with all codes

White LED is adopted as the lighting LED, allowing it to read color codes. It minimized glare by using a milk-white material at the lighting unit.

Superior usability

Configuration software

setteing 1

Setting 1

Using COM port communication, Parameters are set in a batch.

setting 2

Setting 2

QR codes for batch setting can be printed out using configuration software.
Parameters can be set easily when scanning the QR codes.

Command Control

Command Control

Various parameters can be configured through communication command.
Therfore, according to the status of use, the settings can be changed from higher rank units.

Parameters can be controlled from PC.
  • Scanning ON/OFF
  • Scanning codes
  • shutter timing
  • Gain switching
  • Lighting LED controlling, etc.

Buzzer, LED, Magic Key

uzzer, LED, Magic Key

Equipped with a buzzer and LED to notify scanning completion or scanning error. The status of the scanner can be checked by it. Moreover, "scanning ON/OFF" can be controlled with magic key.

  • Power LED : Orange color
  • Scanning confirmation LED : Three colors LED (blue, green, red)
  • Magic key : Switching among "Scanning ON/OFF" and "USB keybord I/F" and "USB-COM I/F"(1)
  1. I/F switching is available only for USB model.

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