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BHT-900(End of sales)

Basic operations software is preinstalled. Small and lightweight and easy-to-use entry model.

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Superior operability

Superior scanning performance in every situation. Stress-free operability improves working efficiency.

Flexible scanning : remote and touch readable

Scanning from a remote position is available as well as touch-scanning, which can easily read a barcode only by touching the reading window to it. Even novice scan easily use it as they don't need to pay much attention to the scanning position.


The design was achieved through ergonomic research into the ways of pressing buttons and holding a terminal during operation.
Realizing an ideal form for carrying and operation.

Triple trigger

The triple trigger (1), which enables you to use both your thumb and index finger to scan, is adopted. You can scan barcodes and press keys without changing your grip.

Slim and pocket-sized

You can put it into the breast pocket of your work jacket and carry it easily while doing other work.

Head curve for efficient aiming at a barcode

The gradual curve to the reading window leads the head naturally to a barcode.

Easy to install and eco-friendly operation

Compatible with the "eneloop®" rechargeable batteries

You can use "eneloop®" rechargeable batteries as the mainpower source. The batteries are friendly to the environment as they can be used repeatedly and they also largely reduce the running costs per operation. Another benefit to using "eneloop®" rechargeable batteries is that unlike the special battery, they are easy to obtain. Of course, ordinary alkaline AA batteries may also be used.(2)

Long battery life of about 200 hours(3)

Due to its power-saving design, BHT-900 can continuously operate for about 200 hours. No battery replacement or battery charging is required even during long hours of operation.

Durability and environmental resistance

Tough, drop-resistant body

Supposing it drops from your hand or from a picking wagon and under stricter conditions than actual use, the terminal has been designed to pass a 60-time repeated drop test from a 1.2m height, allowing it to be used free from care.
The terminal realizes an IP protection level 54 under the IEC international standard. The terminal and the data are protected against water drops and dust.

Software Easy Pack Ad for BHT-900

Ready to use instantly after turning on. No complicated settings are required due to the preinstalled basic operations software, Easy Pack Ad for BHT-900.
Collecting and matching data immediately
  1. 1.HT-904B and BHT-904BB only. BHT-914B is equipped with single tigger.
  2. 2.eneloop® is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  3. 3.In the case of 2 times reading per 10 seconds, without Bluetooth communication.
Model Batch model Bluetooth model
Type BHT-914B BHT-904B BHT-904BB
CPU 32bit RISC
Memory(1) 16MB (User area : 8MB)
Display Size 128 × 96 dots
Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix monochrome display
Size 32.6 mm × 24.5 mm (1.6 inches)
Number of Displayable characters ANK 21 characters × 12 lines (standard font)
21 characters × 16 lines (small font)
Kanji 8 characters × 6 lines (standard font)
10 characters × 8 lines (small font)
Alphabet andNumeric 16 characters × 6 lines (standard font)
20 characters × 8 lines (small font)
Backlight White LED
Scanner Scanning system Advanced Scanning (CCD)
Readable codes EAN-13/-8 (JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN (With add-on), Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), RSS (GS1 DataBar)
Resolution 0.125mm
Reading conformation 3-color LED (Red/Green/Blue)
Keypad Number of keys 26 Keys 28 Keys (include trigger keys)
Communications Optical I/F Communication protocol Infra-red (IrDA-SIR Ver.1.2〔Low Power〕compliant)
Transmission speed 460.8kbps MAX.
Transmission distance Approx. 0.15 m
Bluetooth - Bluetooth Ver.2.1+EDR class 2 compliant
Cable I/F USB Ver.2.0 (High Speed 480Mbps)
Power supply Main power Alkaline AA battery × 2 or AA eneloop® battery × 2
Operation hours(2) Approx. 200 hours(3)
Auxiliary functions Speaker, resume function, remote wakeup function
Environment Requirements Operating temperature -5°C to 50°C
Dust & splashresistance IP54
Drop resistance(4) 1.2 m × 60 times (10 times on each six sides) on a concrete floor
Mass (including alkaline AA batteries) Approx. 145 g Approx. 160 g
  1. 1. The user area includes font file area (approx 400KB).
  2. 2. Operation hours may vary according to operating conditions.
  3. 3. In the case of 2 times reading per 10 seconds, without Bluetooth communication.
  4. 4. Tested data, not guaranteed.




Cradles performing data communications between BHT and higher rank units with various interfaces.

  Model Communication Charging time LEDs Power supply
Communication system
Communication speed
Communication system
- CU-901 Infrared (IrDA-SIR Ver1.2 [Low Power] compliant) 115.2kbps MAX. RS-232C(3) Apporox.11 hours Power ON, Communication status AC adapter(4)
- CU-911 Infrared(2) 4Mbps MAX. Ethernet
- CU-921(1) 460kbps MAX. USB1.1Full-Speed compliant(3) Connection target
  1. 1. The communication unit may not be successfully connected depending on the type of PC or USB-HUM model being used; Check the connection prior to use. It is necessary to purchase the AC adapter (sold separately) when the connected device does not have power supply or the scanner needs recharging while the connected device is turned off or suspended.
  2. 2. Complies with IrDA-SIR Ver1.2[Low Power] up to 115.2kbps.
  3. 3. Cables are optional.
  4. 4. The AC adapter is optional.

Case and others

Exclusive covers protecting BHT from dirt.

  Type Model
- Soft case SCBHT-900B
- Neck strap NSBHT-500
- Belt Holster WHBHT-900


  • Hand belt(1)
  • Operator's Guide
  • User's Manual
  • Quick reference for Easy Pack Ad
  1. 1.Support BHT-904B and BHT-904BB only.

Development Tools

Basic tool for BHT application development

Name Feature
BHT-BASIC4.0 Development Pack The software package required for BHT application development.
BHT-BASIC4.0 Transfer Utility Communication software to perform data communications between BHTs and PCs.
BHT-BASIC4.0 Transfer Utility DLL Pack Dynamic link library (DLL) files that can be used with development languages such as Visual Basic and Visual C++, as well as having access to the communication functions of the transfer utility.
BHT-BASIC4.0 Program Converter (Free) A supplementary tool that converts programs created in the BHT-BASIC3.6 compiler to programs that can be used on BHT-900 Series series models, available for download from QBdirect


  • Feature
  • Specifications
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  • Software

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