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BHT-300B(End of sales)

Standard model with all the basic functionalities of a handy barcode terminal

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Utilizing industry-leading performance and advanced scan(CCD), the BHT-300B Series achieves touch reading and distance reading of up to 450 mm (when narrow bar width is 1.2 mm).

Advanced Scanning Technology improves scanning of wider labels and poorly printed or damaged bar codes.

Largest screen in its class

Choose from a large, easy-to-read font size or a maximum 11-character X 6-line display (12 dot font Kanji).

Capable of expanded display and horizontal or verical display

Includes a compliant mode with an 8-character 4-line display for utilizing applocations from prior models (BHT-7000/-5000).

Model BHT-302B BHT-303B BHT-303BB BHT-303BW BHT-303BWB
Memory(1) 5MB (User area approx. 2.2MB) 9MB(User area approx. 5.8MB) 9MB (User area approx. 5.8MB) 9MB(User area approx. 5.3MB) 17MB(User area approx. 13.3MB)
Display Display device Liquid crystal dot matrix display (Monochrome)
Size 132 X 72 dots
Charactertype Alphanumeric &Katakana 22 cha. x 9 lines
Kanji characters(standard) 8 cha. x 4 lines
Kanji characters(small) 11 cha. X 6 lines
Scanner Scanning system Advanced Scan (CCD)
Scanning area 420 mm max. (with a distance of 400 mm from label)
Readable codes EAN-13/8(JAN-13/-8), UPC-A/-E, UPC/EAN with add-on codes, Interleaved 2 of 5 CODABAR(NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128, Standard 2 of 5, MSI code EAN-13/-8(JAN-13/-8),UPC-A/-E,UPC/EAN with add-on codes,Interleaved 2 of 5,CODABAR(NW-7),CODE39,CODE93,CODE128,GS1-128,Standard 2 of 5
Resolution 0.125mm
Reading confirmation 2-color LED(red green), buzzer, vibrator
Keyboard Number of keys 26 keys (incl, Power switch)+ 2 trigger keys
Communications Optical I/F Communication system Infrared (IrDA-SIR Ver.1.2[ Low Power] compliant)
Communication speed 115.2kbps MAX.
Transmission distance 0.15m
Communication system Standard - - IEEE802.11b IEEE802.11b
Wavelength - - 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Transmission distance(2) - - Indoors:Approx. 75m, Outdoors:Approx. 200m Indoors:Approx.75m, Outdoors:Approx.150m
Modulation method - - Spread spectrum method(Direct sequence spread) Spread spectrum method(Direct sequence spread)
Communicationspeed(2) - - 11/5.5/2/1Mbps (Automatic switching) 11/5.5/2/1Mbps (Automatic switching)
Security - - Refer to attached sheet. Refer to attached sheet.
Bluetooth - Bluetooth Ver1.2 Compliant Class2 - Bluetooth Ver1.2 Compliant Class2
Connector I/F RS-232C(115.2kbps MAX.)
Power suply Main power Lithium ion battery cartridge
Operation hours(3) - Approx 135hours(4) Approx 135hours(5)
Approx 40hours(6)(7) Approx 34hours(8)(10) Approx 15hours(9)
Auxiliary functions Calendar clock,Buzzer, Vibration, Resume,Low-battery indication,Remote wake-up
Environment Requirements Drip-proof -5°C to 50°C
Drip-proof IP54 (Dust proof/Splash proof type) IP54 (Equivalent to JIS splash proof type)
Shock Resistance(11) 1.5m(30 times on a concrete floor)
Weight Approx.230g Approx.250g Approx.240g Approx.260g
  1. 1. User area contains a font file domain (approx. 400KB).
  2. 2. Communication speed and transmission distance are theoretical values, and may vary according to actual environmental conditions.
  3. 3. Operating hours may vary according to operating conditions.
  4. 4. In the case of 2 times reading / 10 seconds.
  5. 5. In the case of 2 times reading / 10 seconds, without wireless communications.
  6. 6. In the case of Reading : Wireless communication : Screen rewriting : Standby = 1:1:1:20.
  7. 7. Wireless device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  8. 8. 1 cycle of 30 seconds = Reading (for 1 second), Bluetooth communication, Screen rewriting (for 1 second), and Standby.
  9. 9. 1 cycle of 30 seconds = Reading (for 1 second), Bluetooth communication (Always-on connection), Wireless communications, Screen rewriting (for 1 second), and Standby. Wireless device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  10. 10.  Bluetooth device turns ON only during communication, otherwise it turns OFF.
  11. 11.  Tested value, not guaranteed.




Type Model Feature Communication Display Battery charger Power source
BHT←→CU CU←→Host LEDs Charge time
Communication system Communication speed Communication system
Communication unit CU-301 RS-232C interface + scanner battery IrDA-SIR Ver. 1.2 (Low Power) compliant 115.2kbps MAX. RS-232C Power, communication
Apporox,3H AC/DC adaptor
CU-311 LAN interface + scanner battery Ethernet
CU-321 USB interface + scanner battery USB1.1 Full-Speed compliant Apporox,9H(2) From connected device
  1. 1. Connection may not be possible depending on the type of PC or USB-HUB being used. Prior confirmation of compatibility is required. The AC/DC adapter (sold separately) is required when attempting to recharge the battery while the connected device is turned off or in suspend mode, or when power supply from the connected device is not possible.
  2. 2. Charge time may vary according to the power supply capability of the connected device. Charge time is 3 hours when using the AC/DC adapter.


Type Model Feature Battery cartridge Weight Size(mm) Power supply
Battery charger CH-201A Lithium-ion battery charger 1 unit, charging time:
approx. 3H
Approx. 75g 80(D)X65(W)X26.5(H) AC adapter
Scanner charger CH-351 BHT charger 1 unit, charging time:
approx. 3H
Approx. 200g 134.4(D)X114(W)X92(H) AC adapter
Multiple battery charger BOXCH-351-4 Up to 4 CH-201A units can be recharged(1) approx. 3H - - AC adapter
  1. 1. CH-201A is sold separately.
  2. 2. CH-351 is sold separately.


Type Model
Lithium-ion battery BT-20LB


Type Model Interface Shape Length Price
USBcable 4PAtype-4PBtype CB00-US1400/4A-4B-01 USB PC(4PAtype)-CU(4PBtype) 1.4m open
I/Fcable D9S-D9S cross CB00-RS1500/9-9-01 RS-232C PC(Dsub9S)-(Dsub9S) 1.5m open
I/Fcable BHT-PC/RS CBBHT-RS1000/3-9-02 RS-232C PC(Dsub9S) 1m open
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