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GT10Q for US
(End of sales)
※End of support of GT10Q-SU : 10/2018

Ultimate 2D code scanner

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Outstanding Readability

Realizes rapid scanning of bother 2D and bar codes .
Improved scanning of poorly printed 2D code labels (Compared with other Denso models).

Type GT10Q-S
Model GT10Q-SR (RS-232C Type) GT10Q-SU(USB Type)(1)
Scanner Readable codes 2-dimensional codes QR Code, Micro QR Code, DataMatrix (ECC200), PDF417, MaxiCode, GS1 Databar Composite
Bar codes EAN-13/8 (JAN-13/8), UPC-A/E,UPC/EAN (With add-on codes), Interleaved 2 of 5, CODABAR (NW-7), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128, GS1 Databar
Resolution 2-dimensional codes 0.25mm
Bar codes 0.15mm
Image capture Loaded
Standard reading position 100mm
Marker Area guide marker
PCS value not less than 0.45
Skew Angle 360°
Angle ±35°
Reading confirmation 3-color LED (red, blue and green) buzzer (with volume control), vibrator
Communications Communication system RS-232C USB1.1compliant
Connector I/F Dsub-9S USB TypeA
Power Power supply original AC adapter Supplied from the connection target(2)
Environment Requirements Drip-proof IP54
Shock Resistance 2 m (onto Concrete)
Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 90%RH(without dews)
Illumination 20 - 10,000lx (Fluorescent lamp in daytime)
Weight (excl. cable) Approx. 210g
  1. 1.The communication method which can be used varies according to the model. Communication method can be obtained from here.
  2. 2.Connection may not be possible due to the type of PC or USB-HUB being used. Prior confirmation of connection compatibility is required.




  Name Model Dimensions Price Note
Stand S-GT10(1) ¥2,000 Desktop stand/wall stand
S-GT11(1) ¥2,000 Desktop stand/wall stand

Hang strap from ceiling

  Name Model Dimensions Price Feature
Hang strap from ceiling H-GT10 ¥10,000 Secures GT10 in place while bar code is held up and scanned
H-GT11 ¥11,000 Secures GT11 in place while bar code is held up and scanned

Neck strap

Name Model Price
Neck strap NSBHT-1300 Open

Belt Holster

Name Model Price
Belt Holster K-GT10 ¥9,000

Suspender case

Name Model Price
Suspender case T-GT10(1) ¥8,000
  1. 1. Ceiling-mount unit for GT10.

GT10Q Range: Cable Listing

Model Cable Type Interface Shape Length Price Note
GT10Q-SR GT10Q RS232C/2mStraight
GT10Q RS232C/2mStraight
GT10Q RS232C/2mCurl
CBG1-RS2000/9 RS-232C Straight 2m Open (1)
CBG1-RS5000/9-1 Straight 5m Open (1)
CBG1-RC900/9 Curl 2m Open (1)
GT10Q-SU GT10Q USB/2mStraight CBG1-US2000/4 USB1.1 Y-shape straight 2m Open  
  1. 1. Requires an AC adapter for RS-232C.

Setting Software

Software for various parameter settings of the handy scanner made by DENSO WAVE

Model Feature
Scanner Setting 2D(Free) Software which sets up each parameter of GT10Q from PC

Keyboard Interface Software

Software which converts the data from a scanner like input from a keyboard

Model Feature
QRkbif(Free) Software which receives the information read by a scanner and converts the data as if it was input from a keyboard


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  • Software

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