Automatic Data Captures

Large Display ModelBHT-1100B-CE

Bar Code

Handy Terminal

Latest features

Equipped with the latest OS

Equipped with the latest version of Windows®CE6.0R3, delivering significantly increased processing speeds compared to conventional machines.

Data backup using the new "BHT Backup"

"BHT Backup" always lets you return to your routine task smoothly, even when the battery fails, by backing up data to the internal Flash memory or MicroSDHC.

Flash ROM 2GB, MicroSDHC compatible

  • Flash ROM capacity significantly increased to 2GB. Work without worrying about memory.
  • Also as external memory, the high-speed reading MicroSDHC is supported, allowing smooth data transfer within the BHT-1100 and from external data.

1 terminal, 2 roles. Camera attached(1)

1 terminal, 2 roles. Camera attached

In addition to barcode scanning, take photos of defective goods during inspection on the spot without having to take out an additional digital camera.


Durability throughout the terminal

Durability throughout the terminal

  • Large elastic is attached to the tip of the barcode scanner to prevent damage upon large falls, securing high durability.
  • Durable keypad where the key tops or letters don't come off.
  • Proven durability, clearing drop resistance tests of 60 times at 1.2m in height. Allows for long use with peace of mind.

Global Support

Denso Group support, even abroad

Denso Group support, even abroad

  • The global Denso Group network allows for full local maintenance and support, both domestically or abroad.
  • Quick response in case repair is needed.
  1. BHT-1171 BWB-CE only

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