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Development and construction of original robots facilitated

This is a motion controller ideal for developing original, custom robots, which was developed based on the robot controller RC8.

Technical Feature

  • Excellent ease of operation reduces time for commissioning.

    ● Since offline software and the teaching pendant are
    the same as those of DENSO robots, users can use
    their familiar operation system and program
    description language, reducing the number of
    man-hours needed for startup.
    ● Using safety circuits that are incorporated into the
    MC8 reduces the number of man-hours needed to
    design emergency stop and other functions.
    ● Equipped with auto gain tuning and other adjustment
    functions, this product helps smooth commissioning.

  • Can control up to eight axes and has
    great potential for expansion

    ● Equipped with the ORiN function, this product can
    use the RC8 provider, facilitating coordination with
    factory automation devices. Furthermore, all
    applications can be controlled with a robot
    language, reducing the number of man-hours
    needed for programming and maintenance.
    ● By operation using the same GUIs as the RC8,
    work efficiency is improved.

  • Compact design

    World's smallest* high-performance 8-axis controller
    This small and lightweight product has a high degree of design flexibility and is space-saving.
    ※As of December 2016, according to Denso Wave, in the case of robot controllers for 6-axis robots (3 kw class)

  • Meets global standards and has capability to adapt to standards

    ● Support for open networks [ORiN]
    ● Many certifications obtained
     ・ ISO 10218-1:2011/CE (standard, UL)
     ・ UL (UL)
     ・ PLe /SIL3 (standard, UL)
     ・ PLd/SIL2 (safety motion)
     ・ KCs (standard, safety motion)
    ● Support for global network standards
     ・ CC-Link
     ・ DeviceNet
     ・ Ethernet/IP
     ・ EtherCAT


Item Unit Specifications
Power supply Power supply capacity KVA 3
Allowable input voltage range - Three-phase AC200V −15% - AC240V +10%
Power supply frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power cable 5
Number of axes controlled - 8 max.
Control method - PTP, CP3-dimensional linier, 3-dimensional arc(*1)
Drive method - All axes all digital AC servo
Language in use - DENSO Robotics language (PacScript)
Memory capacity - User area Variable area: 1.75MB(32,766 points equivalent),
File area: 400MB(5,000 stepsx256 files)
Teaching method - 1)Remote teaching
2)Numerical entry(MDI)
External signal
(I/O, etc.)
Universal / dedicated I/O Mini I/O - Input: User open 8 points + System fix 14 points(Safety I/O-less specification,System fix 13 points)(*2)
Output: User open 8 points + System fix 16 points(Safety I/O-less specification,System fix 12 points)
Hand I/O - Input: User open8points / Output: User open8points
Parallel I/O board
- Bus: PCI
Input: User open 40 points / Output: User open 48 points
slave board
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 256 points / Output: 256 points
CC-Link remote
device board
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 128 points / Output: 128 points Remote register Input: 256 points / Output: 256 points
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 256 points / Output: 256 points
EtherNet/IP Adapter
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 4032 points / Output: 4032 points
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 8192 points / Output: 8192 points
EtherNetCAT slave
- Bus: PCI Express
Input: 2048 points / Output: 2048 points
External communication - RS-232C: 1 line, Ethernet: 1 line(GbE: Gigabit Ethernet),
USB: 2 lines、VGA: 1 line(option)
Expansion slot - ・PCI 1 slot ・PCI Express 1 slot
Self diagnosis function - Overrun ・ servo error ・ memory error ・ input error、 short circuit detection (user wiring part) など
Environmental condition
(in motion)
- Temperature 0 to 40 degree C, Humidity 90% RH or less(dew condensation not allowed)
safety category - Standard type Category 4, PL = e (ISO 13849-1:2006) (*2)
Degree of protection - IP20
Weight kg Standard Approx. 12 (*3)
  1. *1.CP 3D linear, 3D arc only possible with orthogonal robots (XY configuration).
  2. *2.If the built-in safety I/O is not necessary for the standard specification, please specify a safety-I/O-less specification.
  3. *3.Does not include the supplied cables.
  Standard type
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MC8 System Configuration

  • Features
  • Spec
  • Dimensions
  • System Configuration

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