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DENSO Robotics Expo 2022 will be held at online.
The Expo will feature the world debut of the COBOTTA PRO, a much-anticipated high-speed collaborative robot. In addition, it will offer numerous state-of-the-art demonstrations as well as technical seminars introducing the features of the COBOTTA PRO and case studies profiling DENSO Robotics applications.
We hope to see you there.

Online venue

from JST 11AM, Thursday, March 3 until JST 6PM, Friday, March 31, 2022
Offered via a special website

*There is a possibility that we will change the way we hold exhibitions according to the situation of the spread of COVID-19.

This exhibition requires prior application.

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State-of-the-art demonstrations

  • World debut of the COBOTTA PRO The COBOTTA PRO high-speed collaborative robot will make its world debut. Demonstrations will include assembly of parts by a COBOTTA PRO as well as picking of retail products by a COBOTTA PRO. The program will also include collaborative demonstrations where robots work with people and hands-on direct teaching. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the COBOTTA PRO, which is ideal for use in processes that demand high speed and accuracy.

  • State-of-the-art case studies featuring the RC9
    The RC9 robot controller provides expandability so that it can be optimized for specific applications as well as an open development environment, allowing it to implement simple, integrated control of robotic equipment. The Expo will introduce RC9 system configurations being used in actual processes through demonstrations.

  • Use of AI to automate work that’s difficult to verbalize Enjoy demonstrations featuring AI Imitative Learning, a general-purpose AI software package that can be used to automate tasks that are difficult to verbalize easily and at low cost, and Mech-Eye, a 3D vision camera that facilitates highly robust AI object recognition. Tasks will include weighing of liquids and powders and picking.

*Exhibit contents are subject to change.

Learn directly from development engineers!
State-of-the-art technical seminars


The idea behind COBOTTA PRO : A high-speed collaborative robot

An introduction to the background and concepts underlying the development of the COBOTTA PRO, which resolves issues and problems with collaborative robots


COBOTTA PRO : Balancing productivity and safet

An overview of the functional safety of the COBOTTA PRO, which was developed with an emphasis on not only collaborating with human workers, but also accommodating difficult tasks and boosting productivity


COBOTTA PRO:  Easy + intuitive “practical” programming system

A new programming system that facilitates seamless teaching and programming


RC9 Real-time Integrated Control and Intelligent Gripper for Non-Stop Robots

An exploration of the potential of new applications that provide real-time, integrated control of next-generation robot grippers


Mass Customization with Integrated Controller RC9 × Xplanar

A demonstration of the potential of mass customization that realizes real-time, synchronized control


Advantages for the Integrated Control by RC9

An introduction to case studies in which integrated control by the RC9 realizes engineering cost savings and high-speed synchronized control to address growth in development costs and cycle times, two issues that face robotic systems


Automation of process for handling amorphous and soft materials by AI imitation learning

An exploration of product features, deployment methods, and tips for acquiring training data for AI Imitative Learning, which provides a novel approach to automating tasks that involve handling irregularly shaped and soft objects


Technical description of amorphous material picking by AI Recognition of 3D vision Mech-Eye

A demonstration-based introduction to how Mech-Eye, which delivers both sophisticated AI-based recognition and high accuracy, can be used in difficult tasks that are impossible to accomplish with conventional products

*Exhibit contents are subject to change.

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