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We regularly add and improve functions so that our customers can use DENSO Robots comfortably.
In this page, we will introduce the contents.


Update on Version Update contents Details
Aug.8, 2023 RC8 Controller / COBOTTA Ver.2.20.0
WINCAPS III Ver.3.65.3
RC Vision Ver.1.4.9
VRC Ver.2.20.0
Addition of Force Sensor Robust Compliance Control, and others.   


Update on Version Update contents Details
Oct.27, 2022 RC8 Controller / COBOTTA Ver.2.19.0
WINCAPS III  Ver.3.64.2
RC Vision Ver.1.4.8
VRC Ver.2.19.0
Addition of Force Sensor Robust Compliance Control, and others.   
Jun.20, 2022 RC8 Controller / COBOTTA Ver.2.18.0
WINCAPS III Ver.3.64.0
RC Vision Ver.1.4.7
VRC Ver.2.18.0
WINCAPS Plus - Palletizing Builder Ver.1.0.4
Cobotta World Ver.1.10.1

Addition of OPPD Provider and Basler Camera Setting tool, and others.   

Jan.24, 2022 RC9 Controller   Ver.1.3.1
WINCAPS III Ver.3.63.3
RC Vision Ver.1.4.5
VRC9 Ver.1.3.1

World coordinate system function, External force following control function, Current limiting function, Multiple language support, and others.   


Update on Version Update contents Details
Aug.30, 2021 RC9 Controller   Ver.1.2.1
RC8 Controller / COBOTTA Ver.2.16.0
WINCAPS III Ver.3.61.2
RC Vision Ver.1.4.4
VRC Ver.2.16.0
Addition of TwinCAT3 robot motion control function,
Support for external TCP function,
Support for traveling shafts in virtual fence function, and others.   
Jun.21, 2021 RC9 Controller   Ver.1.1.1
WINCAPS III Ver.3.61.1
WINCAPS Plus - Palletizing Builder  Ver1.0.2
WINCAPS Plus - Optimal Path Planning
WINCAPS Plus - Robot Viewer Ver.1.0.4
bCAP Slave function added,
VMB brake check function added,
Torque check function added, and others.   
Apr.19, 2021 Controller   Ver.2.15.0
COBOTTA      Ver.2.15.0
WINCAPS III Ver.3.61.0
WINCAPS Plus - Palletizing Builder  Ver.1.0.1
VRC  Ver.2.15.0
RC Vision      Ver.1.4.3
Palletizing Builder one-year license added.
EVP2 guidance function updated.   
Mar.5, 2021 Controller     Ver.2.14.0
COBOTTA      Ver.2.14.0
WINCAPS Ⅲ  Ver.3.60.6
RC Vision      Ver.1.4.2
VRC          Ver.2.14.0

Origin return guidance(RC8 version),
EVP2 QR code supported,
Increase in Load File speed within the same EVP2 project and others.   

Jan.15, 2021 Controller   Ver.2.13.0
COBOTTA      Ver.2.13.0
WINCAPS Ⅲ  Ver.3.60.4
Robot Tools   Ver.1.2.22
RC Vision      Ver.1.4.1

Rotate command improvement,

MC8 SCARA Kinematics settings―Expansion of J1 movable area,

Supports COBOTTA master control,

Addition of providers and others.   



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