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It is a new concept robot controller that can be provided by firmware. We provide the optimal robot system for each customer.

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Delivering the simplicity that DENSO robots are designed to provide

This controller lets you build a system by choosing the optimal robot, peripheral equipment, and software for your application. The new teaching devices and application software "WINCAPS Plus" are also available to achieve further simplification while inheriting the RCS development environment. It offers simplicity and peace of mind to all personnel involved with equipment setup and operation.


Controller that realizes integrated equipment control

RC9 can be provided with firmware. Since it has the selectivity that can be optimized according to the application, the openness that can fuse the technologies of users, SIers, and manufacturers, and the expandability that can simply integrate the entire system, it realizes simple equipment integrated control.

Compatible robot

VMB-2515series VLA-4025series
Power supply  Power supply capacity 4.5kVA 10.0kVA
Input voltage range 3-phase 200 V AC -10% to 230 V AC +10% 3-phase 400 V AC -10% to 480 V AC + l 0%
Power supply frequency 47~63Hz
Power cable length 10m
Number of control axes 6
Control method  PTP, GP 3-dimensional straight line, 3-dimensional arc 
Drive method  All-digital AC servos for all axes
Language  DENSO robot language (PacScript) 
Memory capacity  User domain Global variables: 32,766 (for each point): number of program files: up to 256
Teaching method  l) Remote teaching 2) Numerical entry (MDI) 
External signals Digital I/O System (fixed): 8 dedicated inputs and 8 or 9 dedicated outputs (ships with No. 28 set to user output)
User: 8 general-purpose inputs and 7 or 8 general-purpose outputs (ships with No. 28 set to user output)
Hand I/O General-purpose inputs: 12; general-purpose outputs: 12  General-purpose inputs: 6, general-purpose outputs: 6 
(including controller-controller cable) 
Safety I/O System (fixed): 8 inputs and 8 outputs 
Ethernet Panel: l line (GbE: Gigabit Ethernet) 
USB Panel: l line; internal: 3 Imes 
Optional expansions  3 units 
Self-test function  Overrun, servo error, memory error, input error, short-circuit detection (user wiring), etc
Timer function  Unit: l ms 
Error display  External error output 
Display of error codes on mini-pendant (option) 
Display of error messages and recovery methods on teaching pendant (option)
Environmental conditions (during operation) Temperature: o· C to 40° C; humidity: 20% to 90% RH (non-condensing) 
I/0 power supply Uses external power supply Supply 24 V DC士l0% from external source 
Uses internal power supply 24 VDC土10% is supplied by the controller. 
Stop category  1
Safety-related control systems and performance  Emergency stop, protective stop, enable: Pld, Cat. 3 
Protection class  IP54
Weight  93kg 104kg
  • Features
  • Spec
  • Dimensions
  • System Configuration

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