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Controller protective box

This product protects the controller in severe environments with oil, dust or other harmful materials.

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This product, with an IP protection code rating of IP54, stores the RC8 controller in it,
enabling the controller to be installed in a site exposed to chips and oil.



Item RC8 Controller protective box
Applicable controller RC8 series robot controller
(The controller equipped with an I/O conversion box is also applicable.)
Environmental conditions
(Temperature and humidity)
In operation 0 to 40 degree C, RH 90 % or below
(dew condensation not allowed)
In storage or
during transportation
-10 to 60 degree C, RH 75 % or below
(dew condensation not allowed)
Enclosure Equivalent to IP54
Installation Type Stand-alone Installation
Weight (Mass) Approx. 26 kg
(RC8 series robot controller is not included)
Power supply *1 Three-phase AC185-253V(AC200V-7%~AC230V+10%)
Single-phase AC207-253V(AC230V±10%)
Heat exchanger Fans Internal fan and external fan
External fan: 4715HS-23W-B50-AM0 (Manufactured by Minebea Co.,Ltd)
Internal fan : 4715MS-23W-B50-A00 (Manufactured by Minebea Co.,Ltd)
Cooling power 35 W/K (temperature change 1 degree C , calculated value)
Power supply Supplied from the controller power
(Single-phase, 200 VAC distributed on the terminal board)
*1.The power supply of the controller protective box, unlike that of the RC8 controller.


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  • Features/Spec/Dimensions

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