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DENSO ROBOT MEMBER offers various contents that you can use when considering and introducing robots.
There are two types of members: Registered members and Purchaser members, and the contents available are different.

  • Registered member : This is a customer who registered membership.

    Registered members can use the following contents.

    ●Case Studies
    ●Application software
    (Only WINCAPS III, ORiN2, Field Network, Library.)
    ●FAQ, Browsing history

  • Purchaser member : This is the customer who registered the license key from the software license registration page.

    Purchaser members can use the following contents.

    ●Case Studies
    ●Application software
    ●Part List
    ●FAQ, Browsing history

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Various kind of services on "QBdirect" and "DENSO ROBOT MEMBER" (hereinafter, "Members-only Websites") provided by DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (hereinafter, the "Company") to members are available for use only if members agree with these Terms of Use. By clicking the "Agree" button at the bottom of this page, members are deemed to have agreed with the content of these Terms of Use.

Since the content of these Terms of Use can be changed or renewed without advance notice, members are kindly requested to refer to the latest Terms of Use from time to time when they use the Members-only Websites.

Prior to their use of the Members-only Websites, members are also deemed to have agreed with, in addition to the content of these Terms of Use, the content of the "Site Policy" and "Privacy Policy" that are posted on the home page of the Company.

Agreement with the content of these Terms of Use and of the "Terms of Use for Sites," is a precondition for using the Members-only Websites.

Article 1 Eligibility to use Sites

Only persons who are registered as members in advance and to whom an ID and password have been provided by the Company shall be authorized to use the Members-only Websites.

Article 2 Services provided

The Members-only Websites shall provide an information search service that enables members to browse technical information of the Company, a download services for electronic data associated with products (including, without limitation, software and electronic manuals: hereinafter, “Data”) and other services. These services may be added to, changed or withdrawn in the future at the discretion of the Company.

Article 3 Restrictions

Acts that disclose or divulge to third parties, or use for commercial purposes or on other websites or network, content, individual information (data) or their aggregates and information relating to software within the Members-only Websites without obtaining advance authorization of the Company are prohibited.

Article 4 Control of ID and password

The ID and password registered by members shall be controlled by members at their own responsibility and shall not be disclosed, lent or assigned to third parties without obtaining advance consent of the Company

Members are requested to be careful since acts using an ID and a password of a member shall be deemed as the responsibility of the member who is in possession of the ID and password in question, and the Company shall not be liable to compensate for any damage suffered by the member arising from divulgation or unauthorized use of the ID and the password. Members are requested to notify the Company immediately if their ID is used by third parties in unauthorized manner, or if their ID and password are divulged to third parties, without authorization.

Article 5 Download services

1. Download services of the Members-only Websites may only be used for products of the Company and their related products in connection with their business activities. The Company shall grant members a non-exclusive and non-assignable license to use the Data by downloading or installing in members’ PCs or products of the Company.

If they intend to use the Data, for which a license certificate is required, as a commercial version, members need to purchase a license certificate separately. And, if they intend to use the Data as a trial version, the time limitation for use shall be different according to the software.

2. Members shall not be authorized to download, reproduce or use the Data for any purpose other than the Purpose without obtaining the advance authorization of the Company.

3. Members shall not be authorized to transfer the Data to third parties by means of lending, lease, sale, sublicense or other methods without obtaining the advance authorization of the Company.

4. Members shall not be authorized to reverse-engineer, reverse-compile, reverse-assemble, merge, alter, convert or use for commercial purposes the Data (or to authorize third parties to engage in such acts) without obtaining the advance authorization of the Company.

5. Members shall not be authorized to remove or conceal any copyright legend, trademark or other legends relating to the ownership by the Company from any part of the Data.

6. Members shall not be authorized to sell, assign, export, lease or license the Data to any person who intends to develop, design, manufacture, store or use weapons of mass-destruction including nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, missiles or the like, who has an intent of military usage or of other use purposes that could disturb the maintenance of international peace and security nor shall be authorized to use by themselves, or to have third parties use, the Data for such purposes.
Also, members shall not be authorized to access, download, use, export, and transmit by e-mail the Data in violation of the export control regulations or rules of Japan or relevant foreign governments including the U.S.
Members shall comply with these rules and shall not be authorized, whether directly or indirectly, to export, provide or make available for use the Data and their reproductions without obtaining the required authorization of Japan or relevant foreign governments including the U.S.

7. The title, copyright, trade secret and any other rights in and to the Data shall be vested in the Company and its licensors entirely.

8. The Data shall be provided on “as is basis” without any warranty. The provision or license of the Data by the Company shall not warrant that the Data does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties. Also, the Company shall not warrant the fitness for specific purpose or merchantability of the Data.

9. The Company shall not be liable for any application error (including bugs) or defect of the Data. The Company shall not be liable to compensate any direct, indirect, special, incidental, derivative or any other damage arising from the Data or a part thereof or from installation, downloading, reproduction, use of or inability to use the Data. Further, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, damage compensation amount or cost arising from loss of monetary profit, loss of opportunity to use the Data, loss of data or facilities, cost to recover the Data, data or facilities, cost for substitutes of the Data, media, relative data or facilities or any other similar costs. The Company shall be totally indemnified from any compensation claim alleged by members or third parties.

Article 6 Withdrawal, loss of eligibility for membership

1. If members desire to withdraw, members are required to execute the withdrawal procedures by themselves. After the prescribed withdrawal procedures are completed, membership has ceased.

2. If members fall under any of the following items, the Company shall be entitled to suspend the provision of services to the member in question immediately and have him/her withdraw from the Services without giving any notice and demand of performance and to prohibit his/her future access to the Members-only Websites. In addition, the Company shall not be liable to members in any event even if they suffer any damage by reason of these measures.

 (1) If he/she violates these Terms of Use, Site Policy, Privacy Policy or the like;

 (2) If any content of his/her user registration is fraudulent;

 (3) If it is known that he/she received withdrawal measures in the past by reason of violation of terms of use or other reasons;

 (4) If the Company otherwise judges that he/she is inappropriate as a member.

3. If the Company suffers any damage by measures set forth in paragraph 2, the Company shall be entitled to demand the member in question to compensate such damage regardless of whether he/she is subject to withdrawal measures.

Article 7 Others

If members find any act of unauthorized use of the Data or of infringement of copyright by third parties, he/she shall notify the Company promptly.

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