Thank you for coming to the INTERPHEX JAPAN 2016.The exhibition was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from June 29(Wed.)to July 1(Fri.),2016.
Thank you very much to all who visited our booth.


exhibition content

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    1.Compact automatic cell culture system (Cooperation: Animal Stem Cell Co.,Ltd.)

    One robot and newly developed multiple grippers have automated the process from cell culture to formulation (syringe filling) This compact, space-saving and low-cost automatic cell culture system is suited for small-scale facilities. * Adopted "technological development project for robot utilization in the market" by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

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    2.Robot duplicates operation of skilled engineer

    Robots can duplicate the operation of skilled engineers and achieve automated cell culture with consistent high quality. This system is also clean, safe, and elliminates the risk of contamination and exprosure.

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    3.Automatic sample storage system under minus 150 degree celsius (Cooperation: MICRONIX Inc.)

    The automatic system with robot to place samples in a liquid nitrogen storage tank. This prevents the mix up of the sample containers, and ensures quality by shortening working time, and ensures the safety of workers.

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    4.Automatic assay plate manufacture system(Cooperation: MICRONIX Inc.)

    The screening process for drug development is automated with the assay plate manufacturing system. By using the robot drive axis, integrated multiple processes like sealing, dispensing, centrifugal dehydration, stocker transportation are achieved with a flexible automation.

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    5.Compact robot "COBOTTA" with new concept of human-robot collaboration

    The compact desktop applications for collaborative work with humans that existing industrial robots have difficulty achieving. COBOTTA can work as an assistant for repeatative work such as drug research and development in laboratories.

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