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Software that enables simulation of multiple DENSO Robotics.

  • Features

EMU (Enhanced MUlti-robot simulator) is software that allows you to run simulations for multiple DENSO Robotics.

● EMU allows you to use projects created in WINCAPS® III, coordinating with peripheral devices (models) and testing functionality in a state that is both virtual and real.
● EMU helps you achieve vertical startup for preliminary testing and production systems at the design stage for equipment centered on DENSO Robotics.

Technical Feature

  • Sequence control

    You can control all operating sequences for each robot by starting up each robot and using variables and I/O from the system controller
    program.Coordinated operation testing using multiple DENSO Robotics is also possible.

  • Connection with Machine

    Connecting with a machine enables you to view current position information for the robot obtained from the machine in a 3D viewer and authenticate motion in a mixed virtual and real environment.

  • Interference checking

    Being able to check for interference between devices and preliminarily test operating sequences ensures a higher degree of perfection at the initial stage of design while helping shorten development times and reduce costs.

  • Coordination of peripheral devices

    EMU enables testing of the operation of all equipment linked to robots and peripheral devices such as workpiece conveyers and loaders without using the actual equipment.

System requirements

[OS]  Windows® 10 / 11 
[PC]  CPU 2 GHz or faster multi-core processor, Memory 2 GB or more, HDD 1 GB or more
[Camera]  Basler GigE camera (ace series), iDS USB camera (uEye SE series), Canon network camera (WebView Livescope series)

  • Features

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