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Cooperative Control

By using two or more robots, heavy loads and long loads can be conveyed and assembled.

Supported Robots|Compatible RC8A and RC8 robots: All models
Applicable version|Ver.1.9.*

  • Features/System Configuration

The cooperative control function is a function for controlling two or more robots by synchronizing them to make it possible to convey and assemble long loads and flexible loads, which is difficult for one robot to do. Since with this function, two or more robots can be programmed and operated with one controller and coordinates common to the robots are used for location teaching, users can easily program and configure the robots.

  • Demo video (to Youtube)

    Synchronous operation (following the master robot) and simultaneous operation with cooperative control by two robots are demonstrated.

  • System Configuration

    Concentrating the control functions (programming and configuration) and the teaching operation functions in the master robot controller achieves synchronous operation by two or more robots with a simple configuration.

  • Features/System Configuration

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Sample Implementation

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