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They are suitable for transportation, palletising and depalletizing operations which makes workers free from hard labor.

Maximum arm reach|2503mm
Maximum payload|40kg

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  • Higher Payload and Longer Arm Reach

    Suitable for palletizing, depalletizing, inspection, transportation and packaging by taking advantage of higher payload and longer arm reach.

  • Environmental Resistance

    Complied with the protection grade IP67(*) and contribute to automate under severe environments that an oil or water mist scatters.

    *Complied with IP67 for wrist, IP65 for unit.

*Please contact us for the details as the appearance and the specifications may change before release.
Item Unit Specifications
Robot Model - VLA-4025
Overall arm length(first arm + second arm) mm 2085.5(860+1225.5)
Maximum arm reach mm 2503
Mounting orientation - Floor, Ceiling, Sloping(max 45°)
Maximum payload kg 40
Position repeatability mm ±0.06
Protection grade - Wrist IP67/Unit IP65
User air piping - inner diameter φ12.5/outer diameter φ19 ×1
User signal lines - 19 for X70 connector(User can use 14 PIN)
17 for X200 to X90 connector(User can use 15 PIN)
Weight(※1) kg Approx. 655
  • ※1:Robot controller is not included.
  • Features
  • Specifications

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