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VLA-4025 / 6022

They are suitable for transportation, palletising and depalletizing operations which makes workers free from hard labor.

Maximum arm reach|2503 / 2257 mm
Maximum payload|40 / 60 kg

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  • Max. payload 60 kg

    The VLA series boasts high payload capability and long arm reach. A new member to the series, the VLA-6022 offers the highest payload of 60 kg (132lb) among DENSO robotics. The VLA-6022 is suitable not only for automation of transportation and inspection but also for palletizing, depalletizing and packaging processes.

  • Environmental Resistance

    Complied with the protection grade IP67(*) and contribute to automate under severe environments that an oil or water mist scatters.

    *Complied with IP67 for wrist, IP65 for unit.

  • Ideal for transporting and palletizing heavy loads

    The robots in the VLA series have the largest payload and arm length of any DENSO robot, making them ideal for automating heavy load transfer
    and palletizing operations.
    When combined with “Palletizing Builder,” which is an option with WINCAPS Plus Offl ine Programming software suite, the palletizing process can be automated without coding.

  • Built-in fi eld network

    The fi eld network is wired inside the robot, reducing the complexity of the external wiring.
    Compatible communication standards: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet


Examples of Applications

  • Use of AI assisted 3D Camera for Palletizing Returnable Containers



Multibus cable

Field networks such as DeviceNet are wired inside the robot, reducing the complexity of external wiring.

Non adjustable leveling plate for fixing robot

Level-adjustable plate kit for fixing robot

Protection cover for connector panel

Adjustable mechanical stopper kit for 1st axis (VL)

Attachment for forklifts



Item Unit Specifications
Robot Model - VLA-4025 VLA-6022
Axes - 6
Position detection method - Absolute encoder
Drive motor / brake - All-axis servo motor / all-axis with brakes
Overall arm length(first arm + second arm) mm 2,085.5(860+1,225.5) 1,835.5(860+975.5)
Arm off set J1 (rotation) mm 400
J3 (forearm) mm 210
Maximum arm reach mm 2,503 2,257
Motion range *¹ J1 ° ±180 *²
J2 ° -60, +125
J3 ° -165, 0
J4 ° ±2,700 *⁴
J5 ° ±123
J6 ° ±2,700 *⁴
Maximum payload kg 40 60
Maximum joint speed J1 °/s 170
J2 °/s 150
J3 °/s 165
J4 °/s 265
J5 °/s 250 249
J6 °/s 340 339
Position repeatability mm ±0.06
Allowable wrist load moment J4 N・m 167 221
J5 N・m 167 221
J6 N・m 98 118
User air piping - 1 system (inner diameter: ∅12.5)
User signal line(s) - 14 (19-core connector)
- 15 (17-core connector) *³
Air source Maximum allowable pressure MPa 2.0
Protection grade - Wrist:IP67 / Unit:IP65
Airborne noise (equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level) dB(A) 75 dB or less
Weight kg Approx. 655 Approx. 645
  • *¹:For positive/negative direction, refer to the external dimensions and operating range diagram.
  • *²:The operating angle is limited when the robot is installed at an angle.
  • *³:Can be used as Profi Bus/DeviceNet/Profi Net using wiring.
  • *⁴:800(±400) at the factory default settings.
VLA-4025 Download
VLA-6022 Download
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions

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