VS-050S2 meets the strict hygienic demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Maximum arm reach|520mm / Maximum payload|4kg
Cycle time|0.35 sec
H2O2 resistant|35% hydrogen peroxide steam(dry/wet)
Protection level|Wrist IP67 / Unit IP65
Cleanliness |ISO Class5

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DENSO contributes to automation in medical device / medical product manufacturing and drug preparation.

DENSO delivers a robot that meets the strict demands of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Automation in clean environments prevents the hazards of foreign matter contamination from manual tasks, human error, and operator exposure.

Technical Feature

Sterile environment resistance/Resists Contamination

Robot for use in sterile environments and clean environments that employ H2O2 gas 35% density (dry / wet) and UV exposure.
Smooth surface prevents adherence of dust and dirt. The robot arm is constructed without external screws to maintain high sanitation levels.
Cleanliness : ISO Class 5 Protection level : Wrist IP67 / Unit IP65

Isolation (suitability for sealed environments)

Cables and other connector panels are positioned on the bottom for compatible installation in sealed and quarantine environments


●Design compliant with GMP* (product management and quality control standard). *GMP grade A
●cUL certified products (UL standard / Canada CSA standard) also available.
●Hygiene proven through testing by the Fraunhofer Institute (Report No. DE 1409-725).

Examples of Applications

Automation of cell culture

●The movements of skilled workers are reproduced by robots to realize the automation of high-quality cell culture without variation in quality caused by operators.
●The hazards of foreign matter from manual tasks, human error, and operator exposure are avoided, and a clean and safe system is realized.
●Robots can reproduce the same function as the manual operation by operator, such as opening the pipetting cap, using general-purpose tools.


Electric gripper connection flange specification-A

Internal mount with a gripper cable up to the flange. Suitable for clean environments, eliminates interference with peripherals.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Robot Hands

■Sterility resistance:
H2O2gas (35% density) and UV exposure compliance
■ Cleanliness:
ISO Class 4 (GMP Grade A/B)*
■ Made with FDA-certified material
*Mounting on the robot depends on the robot specification.

External mount battery

Optional external mount battery for improved maintainability and battery replacement.


Standard type

Item Unit Specifications
Model - VS-050S2
Axes - 6
Position detection - Absolute encoder
Drive motor and brake - AC servomotors for all joints, Brakes for all joints
Overall arm length(first arm + second arm) mm 520(255+265)
Maximum motion area(Point P) mm 520
Minimum motion radius(Point P) mm 183.5
Motion range J1 ° ±180(*3)
J2 +120, −115
J3 +141, −115
J4 ±270
J5 ±115(*4)
J6 ±360
Maximum payload kg 4
Maximum composite speed(at the center of an end-effector mounting face) mm/sec 8,570
Cycle time(*1) sec 0.35
Position repeatability(at the center of an end-effector mounting face)(*2) mm ±0.02
Maximum allowable inertia moment J4,J5 kgm2 0.2
J6 0.05
Maximum allowable moment J4,J5 Nm 6.66
J6 3.13
Signal line & air piping
Signal line - 10(*5)(*6)
Air Piping - Solenoid Valve(2Position,Double Solenoids)×2
Electric gripper interface flange-A
- 25(17+8)(*6)
Air source Operating pressure MPa 0.20 - 0.39
Maximum allowable pressure 0.49
Noise(A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level) dB 65 or less
Dust & splash proof Hydrogen peroxide environment - 35% hydrogen peroxide steam(dry / wet)
Degree of protection - Wrist IP67 / Unit IP65
Clean level - ISO Class5
Weight kg Approx. 34
  1. *1:Time required for a robot to move a 1 kg payload between two points 300 mm apart at a height of 25 mm.
  2. *2:Position repeatability is the precision at constant ambient temperature.
  3. *3:Motion range is limited when mounted to a wall. Inquire for details.
  4. *4:When electric gripper connection flange specification-A is selected, the J5 motion range is +110, –102.
  5. *5:This wire (proximity sensor or other signal wire) is 4-core if electric gripper connection flange specification-A is also selected.
  6. *6:Allowable current is limited.


Group Item Q'ty
Robot & Accessories Robot unit 1
Motor & encoder cable (option) 1
User stay 2set
Dowel pins (internally threaded positioning pin and diamond-shaped pin) 1set
O-ring for robot mounting surface 1
Controller & Accessories Robot controller 1
Power cable (5 m) 1
Pendantless connector (Dummy connector) (not contained in a UL-Listed robot system) 1
Software etc. WINCAPS III trial version installer disk 1
"Manual Pack disk"(2 pcs.) and "Safety Precautions"
Precautions on hoisting a robot unit 1
Warning label (large. A4 size) 1
Warning label (small) 2
Caution label 1
High temperature warning label 1
Sheet of Direction indicator label 1
RANG label 1
  1. *NOTE:When placing an order for UL-Listed robot systems, be sure to order the optional brake release unit and teach pendant or mini-pendant also which is essential to UL-Listed ones.
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