Auto Hand Changer

Directly mounted on the flange of DENSO Robot Lightest weight and smallest size in its class.

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Standard equipment includes: a device for preventing hand drop due to decreased air pressure and an air lock check valve for hand removal.

Up to six pipes and ten wires can be connected.

Adapter (hand side)

AHC unit (robot side)


Supported Robots / Legend

Supporting Robots Part Name Model Weight Moment of Inertia Thickness Hand Mounting Hole
VP series
VS series
AHC unit AHC5-U 0.44kg
(includes plate)
2.77x10^-4kg/㎡ 55.5mm
(includes plate)
Adapter AHC5-A
Mounting plate AHC5-P
Stand AHC5-S -
VM series AHC unit AHC5-U 0.39kg 2.6x10^-4kg/㎡ 45.5mm 4-M5
Adapter AHC5-A
Stand AHC5-S -
HSR® series
HS/HS-A1 series
HM series*1
AHC unit AHC10-U 0.6kg 5.1x10^-4kg/㎡ 49mm 4-M5
Adapter AHC10-A
Stand AHC10-S -
*1 : Only the 10 kg payload HM series specification is supported.
*2 : The model codes for the AHC stands (with sensor) are given below. The model codes for stands (without sensors) are “AHC*S.”

Standard type

Item 4-axis specification 6-axis specification
Type AHC10 AHC5
Position repeatability ±0.015mm ±0.01mm
Consolidated axial force resistance (0.5 MPa) 1420N 802N
Moment-resistant (0.5 MPa) 49N・m 24N・m
Torque-resistant (0.5 MPa) 49N・m 24N・m
Ambient temperature 0 to 60 degree C
interface Air Number of circuits 6 Qty.
Maximum operating pressure 0.7MPa
Effective cross section 1mm2
Electric Number of contacts 10 Qty.
Contact capacity 3A
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