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Electric gripper DRH Series

Easy mount of high-precise gripper and positioning control on a robot

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Technical Feature

  • Handling various sizes Move among multi-point position and handle various sizes of workpieces without gripper change
  • Dimension check Measure dimension while holding a workpiece(work dimension measurement ±0.05mm)

  • Deformation prevention Prevent damage or deformation of workpiece by controlling speed and gripping force
  • Non-secular change Stable operation due to consistent motion compared to air pressure methods

System Configuration


Small single cam type

SS-2005-3N / 2005-5N

Single cam type

SS-2010 / 2815 / 4225

Double cam type

SD-2005 / 2810 / 4220

Screw type Straight / tee

FS-2020 / 2840 ・ FT-2020 / 2840

Three claw type

ST-2004 / 2013 / 2820 / 4230

Specification of single / double cam type

Item Specifications
Model SS-2005-3N SS-2005-5N SS-2010 SS-2815  SS-4225 SD-2005 SD-2810 SD-4220
Gripping force Max. continuous rating 3N 5N 6N 22N 40N 50N 150N 250N
Minimum setting 0.9N 1.5N 1.8N 6.6N 12N 15N 45N 75N
Open/close stroke 32mm 7.6mm 14.3mm 23.5mm 5mm 10mm 19.3mm/s
Speed Max (Rating) 100mm/s 60mm/s 19.3mm/s
Min. setting 20mm/s 12mm/s 9mm/s
Maximum Gripping Speed 50mm/s 30mm/s 22.5mm/s
Position repeatability ±0.03mm ±0.02mm ±0.03mm
Max. gripping mass 0.03kg 0.05kg 0.06kg 0.22kg 0.4kg 0.5kg 1.5kg 2.5kg
Unit weight 90g 160g 300g 580g 200g 350g 800g
Allowable load F 12N 450N 350N 600N 1000N 2000N
Allowable moment Mp 0.04N・m 0.7N・m 0.5N・m 1.1N・m 6.7N・m 8.1N・m 20.1N・m
My 0.04N・m 0.8N・m 0.6N・m 1.3N・m 4N・m 4.8N・m 12N・m
Mr 0.08 N・m 2.3N・m 2.8N・m 8.6N・m 5.1N・m 7.8N・m 25.9N・m
Max. Finger mass (1 pair) 10g 15g 30g 50g 40g 80g 200g
Max. gripping point L 20mm 25mm 30mm 50mm
Overhang H 20mm 25mm 30mm 20mm 30mm

Specification of screw / Three claw type

Item Specifications
Model FS-2020 FT-2020 FS-2840 FT-2840  ST-2004 ST-2013 ST-2820 SD-4230
Gripping force Max. continuous rating 50N 150N 2.5N 2N 10N 20N
Minimum setting 15N 45N 0.75N 0.6N 3N 6N
Open/close stroke 19mm 38mm 3.5mm 13mm 20mm 30mm/s
Speed Max 50mm/s 100mm/s
Minimum setting 10mm/s 20mm/s
Maximum Gripping Speed 25mm/s 50mm/s
Position repeatability ±0.01mm ±0.03mm
Max. gripping mass 0.5kg 1.5kg 0.02kg 0.1kg 0.2kg
Unit weight 420g 880g 890g 90g 190g 340g 640g
Allowable load F 1000N 1300N 6N 20N 30N 50N
Allowable moment Mp 3.5N・m 5N・m 0.02N・m 0.1N・m 0.2N・m 0.4N・m
My 4.2N・m 6N・m
Mr 7.3N・m 12.7N・m
Max. Finger mass (1 pair)) 40g 80g 10g 20g 30g 50g
Max. gripping point L 30mm 15mm 20mm 30mm 50mm
Overhang H 20mm 20mm
  Single cam type Double cam type Screw type Three claw type
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