3-D machine vision

The 3-D machine vision automates a process for picking randomly piled parts through the 3-D recognition function, helping enhance the productivity of parts supply processes.

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Technical Feature

  • High compatibility with the RC8 controller

    The command API for connection with the 3-D machine vision facilitates the connection of the RC8 controller with the 3-D machine vision.

  • Reduction of man-hours for startup

    Performing High-Accuracy Calibration (Hi-CAL) reduces mis-registration of motion between the robot and the camera, significantly reducing the man-hours required for teaching.

  • High-speed and high-accuracy three-dimensional recognition

    A variety of parts can be recognized three-dimensionally at high speed (1.8 s) and with a high degree of accuracy (±0.1 to 0.15 mm).
    * In the case of RV300 and RV500

  • Simple system installation

    The 3-D machine vision head, which incorporates both the projector and the camera in a single unit, enables installation without making the optical setting.

  • Simple setup for complicated parts recognition settings

    By entering CAD data and photographing randomly piled parts, parts data can be easily registered. Complicated programming for preparation is not necessary.

  • Excellent usability

    IP54-level dust and water resistance; operating temperature range: 0–45 °C; no need for dedicated lighting.

System Configuration

Item RV300 RV500 RV1100
Measurement Measurement Range
d×w×h (mm)
340×340×100 540×540×200 1160×1160×600
Measurement Distances (mm) 500 ~ 600 800 ~ 1,000 1,750 ~ 2,350
Minimum Work Size (mm) 10×10 20×20 45×45
Time Measurement + Recognition Time Approx. 1.8 sec Approx. 1.8 sec Approx. 2.5 sec
Measurement Period Approx. 3.0 sec Approx. 3.0 sec Approx. 5.0 sec
Recognition Repeated Reproducibility ±0.1 mm ±0.15 mm ±0.5 mm
Number of parts that can be registered 200 varieties
Body Operating Temperature 0 - 45 degree C
Degree of protection Equivalent to IP54
Dimensions (mm) 252×206×124
Weight 6.4 kg

Measurement distance


  • Features
  • Spec

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