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4- Axis(SCARA)RobotsHSR Series新商品

4-Axis (SCARA) robots

HSR- 048/055/065

Quick Accelaration. Runs continuously at high speed. Stops precisely.

True high speed performance that changes everything.

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True High Speed performance never seen before has been achieved.

Sometimes, the performance of a robot cannot be known only from its specifications. You may not be confident whether it can complete the motion within the listed cycle time, or whether it can actually continue its motion. To address those challenges, we have pursued the basic performances of robots—quick acceleration; runs continuously at high speed; stops precisely—that have been requested from fields to the utmost limits, and have developed new high-speed SCARA robots, the HSR Series, that can achieve "True high-speed performance." As a result of pursuing high-speed performance, high-speed picking systems can be realized with small, space-saving robots not only in conventional parts assembly processes, but also in packaging processes of food, medical supplies, and cosmetics, which is bringing about a revolution in performance.


High-speed motion Continuous motion Vibration control

High acceleration & motion profiles

Improved CPM (cycle per minute) allows the robot to move at high speed continuously.

Achieving Non-Stop continuous motion

Improved heat dissipation performance at the base unit allows the robot to achieve continuous motion, which is required in actual processes.


Vibration control technique for suppressing vibrations

The robot can suppress vibrations in a short time by actively reflecting the status of the arm to vibration control. This can suppress vibrations that occur with high-speed transfer and residual vibrations, reducing the cycle time.

Light weight Improved flexibility in mounting direction Optimum layout

Newly designed, higly rigid, lightweight arm

Compatibility between high rigidity and light weight allows the robot to achieve a high payload (8 kg) and high-speed motion at the same time.

The mounting direction can be switched

You can select from the floor type and the ceiling type.(1)


Optimized layout allows the robot to achieve high-speed motion.

A large-capacity motor is integrated into the base unit. Weight reduction at the tip of the arm and optimized arm structure allow the robot to improve its high-speed performance.


Wiring protection kit Built-in Ethernet External battery Stopper with bearing
Protects external wiring to prevent cables from becoming unorganized and avoid the risk of broken wires.

EAn Ethernet cable is built into the body.Easily connectable to external devices.(2)

The encoder backup battery installed outside the robot facilitates easy replacement of batteries and makes maintenance. This stopper can protect wiring that is installed through the hole of the bearing located at the top of the Z-axis shaft.


  1. Contact us when you want to change mounting direction.
  2. Ethernet connectors (sold separately) are available as options.
  3. To be released in 2017.
  4. External battery units are sold separately.