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Ultimate Key Performance Achieved by the HSR Series―"Real High Speed"

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Ultimate Key Performance Achieved by the HSR Series―"Real High Speed"

A robot’s performance often cannot be measured by the numerical values written in the catalogue. It can be difficult to judge whether it can truly finish the job within the cycle time, or whether it can keep operating for the length of time stated in the catalogue. In order to solve these issues –

  • Start the operation immediately.
  • Keep working fast.
  • Stop accurately.

The HSR Series is a lineup of new high-speed SCARA robots that pursued these basic features to their limits while achieving “Real High Speed.”

What are the three technical approaches that made "Real High Speed" a reality?

Technical Approach1:

The arm tip was designed with a minimum weight by making a fundamental change to the motor location. At the same time, heat dissipation is improved, achieving a long-hour continuous operation.

Technical Approach2:

Strengthened rigidity

Various methods were devised to make different parts of the arm, maximizing its rigidity.
Strengthened rigidity

Technical Approach3:

Interlocked machine design and servo control

Our company’s unique know-how, which has been accumulated over a long-period of manufacturing robots, made a high-level interlock of machine design and control possible. This provides highly effective vibration damping of the arm tip.