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With the initial purpose of increasing the productivity of our own automobile component manufacturing facilities, we have been developing DENSO robots for 50 years. Today, we introduce the new collaborative robot “COBOTTA" The human-friendly, compact, and portable design allows you to take COBOTTA anywhere, and automate tasks right away. No expert knowledge is required, making operation amazingly easy. Do you need that extra hand? Do you want to leave simple tasks to robots, and make more time for creative work? COBOTTA will open infinite possibilities to address your needs, and realize creative, new ideas.

  • safety design

    Collaborative robots do not require safety fences. The unique outer contour has no sharp edges, and consists of curves that prevent hands from getting caught. Sensors are built into the six moving parts for constant monitoring of speed and torque, to guar-antee safety from a function-al aspect (planning to obtain certification from a third-par-ty certification authority).

  • portable body

    The main unit weighs approximately 4 kg providing easy porta­bility, and offers a load capacity of 500 g. The integrated con­troller not only reduces wiring, but also allows consolidated control with other devices. ORiN is supported as standard.

  • easy to use

    Equipped with a direct teaching function and an intuitive GUI for easy programming. An optional camera can be mounted to enable teaching using the camera.

  • open platform

    The integrated controller is open, and COBOTTA's control API is made public, allowing creators to develop their own applica­tions in the environment they choose (055 version).

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  • 3-color pen factory

  • Portable Dispensing System

Axes  6 + 1(for an electric gripper) *1
Drive motor / brake  All axes AC servo motor/Jl to J5 with brake 
Total arm length (1st arm+ 2nd arm) 342.5 ( 165+ 177.5) mm 
Rated load capacity (Maximum payload) 0.5 kg (* 0.7 kg wrist direction downward within ± 10 degrees) v
Position repeatability  ±0.05mm'2
Maximum composite speed 
(center of tool mounting face) 
Default 500 (min. 100 to max. 1500.) 
Protected type  IP30
Software  Standard type: CO BOTTA dedicated software, OSS type: none 
(* Linux, etc. can be installed by customer) 
Power supply specifications (AC adaptor) Input: single-phase 100 to 240 AC/O utput: 24DC (approx. 180 W) 
External signal  System fix input: 12 points/ System fix output: 8 points 
User open input: 10 points/ User open output: 10 points 
Emergency stop device connector: l ch 
External communication  Ethernet x l line, USB x 2 lines, VGA output x l ch 
Weight  Approx. 4 kg 
Standards for safety  ISO 10218-1:2011 
ISO/TS 15066 
ISO 13849-1:2015 PL d 
(* planning to obtain certification from a third-party certification authority)
  1. *l. Optional
  2. *2. At constant ambient temperature
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