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Network camera

VB-H43B / M42B
This is a high-powered full HD, megapixel network camera with a pan–tilt–zoom function.

  • Features
  • Spec
  • Pan-tilt-zoom control enables extensive monitoring from more than one camera angle.

    ORiN provider enables camera adjustment, image capturing and other control from the RC8 controller or a PC.

    A wide vision is achieved by the 20x optical zoom autofocus function while maintaining high definition and resolution.

    Even when light levels are as low as 0.4 lux, color pictures can be taken. With the bright lens and its original image processing technology, the camera recognizes a subject clearly even in a dark environment.

    The camera, which is compatible with PoE, can be provided with power through a single LAN cable.

Application example

  • Position detection from more than one angle

    Since the single network camera enables flexible camera control via the pan-tilt-zoom function, there is no need to install other cameras, which would otherwise be needed. It is compatible with the image processing application EVP (Easy Vision Picking).

  • Monitoring of facility status

    The camera angle can be controlled with the DENSO robot program language (PacScript). Users can freely adjust the camera angle to the place that they want to monitor, helping them extensively monitor facilities. Since it is compatible with the image logger in the data logging tools, when an abnormality occurs, its causes can be analyzed based on images before and after the abnormality.

Item VB-H43B VB-M42B

Camera performance

No. of effective pixels
2.1 million pixels Approx. 1.3 million pixels
Lens 20x optical zoom autofocus lens (12x digital zoom)
Panning range
Tilting range 100° (-90°to 10° when hung from the ceiling)
Driving speed
Maximum panning speed: 150°/s; tilting speed: 150°/s
Main unit interface
Network terminal
External device input/output terminals
Input×2, Output×2
Main unit specifications
Operating environment
Temperature: -10 to 50 degree C Humidity: 5 to 85% (no condensation)
Power source
PoE function: power supply via LAN connector
Dedicated AC adapter: PA-V17 (AC 100 to 240 V)*1
External power source: support for AC24V / DC12V
Power consumption
When PoE is used: approx. 9.2 W max.
When AC adapter PA-V18 is used: approx. 9.9 W max.
Dimensions φ132mm×155mm(H)
Approx. 1,140 g

Approx. 1,150 g

Installation method

floor / ceiling
  • *1 The AC adapter PA-V18 is optional.

  • Features
  • Spec

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