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Master / Slave (Slave robot)

This is a remote control function that operates a manipulator (Slave) at a remote location according to a command from the operation device (Master).

Compatible robots: All RC9-and RC8-compatible robots

  • Features / System Configuration
  • Robots
  • Achievement of safe and intuitive operation / teaching system

    Using the collaborative robot "COBOTTA" as a master device, you can intuitively operate a large robot by moving the arm of COBOTTA.
    In addition, by utilizing the virtual fence function, you can specify the operating range of the slave robot, ensuring safety.

    ・Intuitive robot teaching and operation is possible even if you are not accustomed to programming.
    ・Operation from outside a clean environment such as in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process is possible. This prevents foreign matter from entering and workers from being contaminated. *1

    To use the function, a "Master / Slave (Slave robot)" extension license is required.


System Configuration

*1: In consideration of safety, use is limited to within the range where the slave robot can be seen and within the maximum reach of the cable, which is 20 m.

Master-side Robot


    Total arm length (1st arm+ 2nd arm)
    Rated load capacity (Maximum payload)
    (0.7 kg wrist direction downward within ± 10 degrees)
    Position repeatability
    Degree of protection
    COBOTTA unit:IP30
    AC adapter and AC cable:IP20

Slave-side Robot

  • Features / System Configuration
  • Robots

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