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Touch sensing soft cover

Attaching this high-sensitivity soft cover increases the speed of collaborative operation to allow higher productivity.

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Touch sensing soft cover

This cover is designed to be fitted to COBOTTA PRO. Attaching this high-sensitivity soft cover increases the speed of collaborative operation to allow higher productivity. Models that cover the end effector are also available.

Changes in speed when using the touch sensing soft cover

This cover can detect collisions and stop the robot motion using a two-layer design consisting of soft, cushioning silicon and high-sensitivity built-in sensors. It increases the maximum collaborative speed to improve productivity.
*The table shows the figures for COBOTTA PRO 1300.
*1 “Clamping” refers to a collision where the body part is clamped and cannot recoil or retract.
*2 “Collision” refers to a collision where the body part is not clamped and can recoil or retract.


End effector cover

We offer end effector covers in two sizes. Choose the one that best suits your end effector’s shape. While the RLO function is effective if there’s only one sharp area, you can avoid high-force collisions involving an end effector with numerous sharp areas by covering it with an end effector cover. The cover incorporates a contact sensor, allowing it to stop the robot if it detects a collision.

There are two types of Touch sensing soft covers: Full set and Half set.
There are also two types for End effector covers parts in different sizes.


  Full set Half set End effector cover
Weight COBOTTA PRO 900:Approx. 6kg
COBOTTA PRO 1300:Approx. 9kg
COBOTTA PRO 900:Approx. 3kg
COBOTTA PRO 1300:Approx. 4kg
Flange general-purpose bracket:170g
*Requires separate fabrication by the customer of a bracket to cover the hand.
Dimensions Small:80×160mm
Detection time 5 ms or less
Detected force 10N
Operating environment temperature 5°C to 45°C
Operating environment humidity 20% to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Environmental resistance IP54 *Avoid use in environments where the product would be exposed to oil or chemical substances.
Safety performance PL d, Cat.3
Certified standard compliance EN ISO 13849-1:2015, EN ISO 13856-3:2013
*Use of the full set requires an external battery unit (purchased separately).
*Robots ship with the full set and half set covers installed. If you purchase a cover after receiving delivery of the robot, a Denso Wave service engineers will install the cover at your site.
Please contact a service facility for more information.
*For end effector covers, please choose the necessary number of covers based on the hand in use. (Due to serial connections, a minimum of one terminating cover is required.)

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