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Dual Arm Control

Allows a single controller to control two SCARA robots. Saves space and simplifies operations.

Supported Robots | HSR, HS-A1

  • Features
  • System configuration
  • Enables centralized control of tworobots from a single controller.
    This feature allows high-speed operation and reduces adjustment
    time, installation footprint, and installation costs.

Technical Feature

  • Smaller installation footprint and lower installation costs

    A single controller can be used to control two robot arms, eliminating the space and cost associated with a second controller.

  • Faster adjustments

    Performing operations and programming from a single controller cuts the time required for software design and adjustments.

  • Can be freely combined with high-performance robots

    Compatible with high-speed, high-precision HSR and HS-A1 robot arms, making it ideal for facilities with tight cycle times.
    Allows various combinations of arm length and Z-axis stroke to suit a wide range of facilities and processes.

  • Expandable functionality to support a wide range of processes

    Exclusive control and virtual fence functions prevent collisions in confined areas.
    Coordinated control function is available for long or heavy objects.

  • Features
  • System configuration

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